Josef Grohé

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Josef Grohé
Josef Grohé.jpg
Grohé in Nazi uniform
Gauleiter of Cologne
In office
Leader Adolf Hitler
Reichskommissar for Belgium and Northern France
In office
19 July 1944 – December 1944
Appointed by Adolf Hitler
Preceded by none (position created)
Succeeded by none
Personal details
Born November 6, 1902
Gemünden im Hunsrück, German Empire
Died December 27, 1987 (85)
Köln, West Germany
Political party NSDAP

Josef Grohé (6 November 1902 - 27 December 1987), was a German Nazi Party official.


Grohé was born in Gemünden im Hunsrück as the son of a shopkeeper.[1] He finished secondary school in 1919 and worked as a clerk in the hardware industry.[1]

Politics and official positions[edit]

He joined the Nazi Party in 1922, and was co-founder of the Nazi organization in Cologne and founder of its newspaper, the Westdeutscher Beobachter.[1] In 1931 he was appointed Gauleiter (regional party leader) of Cologne-Aachen, and in 1932 he was elected to both the Reichstag and the Prussian Staatsrat (State Council).[1]

In July 1944, in addition to these posts, he was made the Reichskommissar of the newly created civilian administration in German-occupied Belgium and Northern France.[1] From September 1944, however, the territory's liberation by the Allies begun. He was arrested by the British occupation authorities in Cologne in 1945 and imprisoned until 1950.

After the war, Grohé remained dedicated to the Nazi cause for the rest of his life.[1]


Further reading[edit]

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