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Joseph John Booth (1886 – 1965) was the 7th Archbishop of Melbourne. Born on 26 May 1886 and educated at the University of Melbourne he was ordained priest in 1914.[1] His first post was as a Chaplain to the Forces during The Great War. When peace came he became Vicar of Fairfield, Victoria followed by a period as Archdeacon of Dandenong. From there he rose rapidly in the church hierarchy becoming Coadjutor bishop of Melbourne (taking the courtesy title of Bishop of Geelong[2]) and often deputised for the Archbishop.[3] Booth finally acceded to the Melbourne See in 1942.[4] Further wartime service with the Allied Invasion Forces[5] provided an unusual start to an Episcopate although the last decade of his service was somewhat less eventful. He retired in 1956, and died on 30 October 1965.


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