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Joseph Marsh (1803 - 2 February 1938) was a Scottish clergymen and educationist. He was the founding Head master of the Colombo Academy.[1]

Born in Bonsall, Derbyshire, he gained a MA from the University of Edinburgh.

He arrived in Ceylon in 1931 on assignment as the mathematics and classics tutor for the Church Missionary Society from Diocese of Chennai.[2][3] Marsh became the acting colonial chaplain at St. Paul's Church and joined the tutorial staff of the Cotta Institution which was run by the Church Missionary Society.[4] In 1936, he stated a school for with 20 students, mainly from the upper class community situated at Hill Street, Pettah in the back verandah of the church which was called the Hill Street Academy . On request of the parents and based on recommendation from the Colebrooke Commission established the Colombo Academy[5] with the students of the Hill Street Academy and Marsh continuing to serve as headmaster. Colombo Academy became the first public school in Ceylon.

Marsh also served as the Secretary, Schools Commission and Secretary, Friend in Need Society Colombo.

With his health failing in 1938 he left Ceylon and died at sea off the British Cape Colony on 2 February 1938.