Joseph Samuel C. F. Frey

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Joseph Samuel Frey.

Joseph Samuel Christian Frederick Frey (born Joseph Levi) (1771–1850) was a missionary to Jews. In 1809 he founded the London Society for promoting Christianity amongst the Jews after disagreements with the London Missionary Society.[1]


  • Joseph and Benjamin: letters on the controversy between Jews and Christians : comprising the most important doctrines of the Christian religion. His explanation on the seventy week prophecy of Daniel 9 is one of the clearest ive ever read over many years of study. His summary is that the time of seventy weeks is already expired and the messiah must have already come, hence his belief in jesus or in hebrew, Yeshua as the Messiah of Israel. His book,Joseph and Benjamin, can be read as a free ebook at Google books which i highly recommend for reading and study. 1837


  1. ^ Narrative of the Rev. Joseph Samuel C. F. Frey 1834 "My father, Samuel Levi, was nineteen years a private tutor in a Jewish family at Maynburnheim ; and, after he had married, continued, as it were, day and night in the study of the sacred Scriptures and the traditions of men,"