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Joseph Thompson Goodman (1838-1917) was a journalist and capitalist in the U.S. American Old West, and archaeologist of Central America.


Goodman became a co-owner of the Territorial Enterprise of Virginia City, Nevada in 1861, and within a year was the sole owner of the newspaper (he remained such until 1874). During 1862, Goodman and Dennis E. McCarthy hired Samuel Clemens as a local reporter. Although Clemens had published short stories previously, his work under Goodman's editorship at the Territorial Enterprise was credited with giving the author his initial "start" due to the extensive circulation of the newspaper on the West Coast. Also a writer of fiction, Goodman, Twain and others were members of the Sagebrush School literary movement.[1][2]


In 1871 Goodman borrowed $300 from Clemens and returned to San Francisco to go in with John P. Jones on a silver mine bonanza back in Virginia City. Afterward he got out with $600 000, became a broker, went broke, and finally obtained a grape ranch in Fresno County.[3]


Goodman learned from Gustavus A. Eisen of the problem of the Maya inscriptions and calendar. With Eisen's encouragement, professional contacts, and research materials, Goodman set to work. His research was initially guided by previously published research as well as photographic documentation of molds and glyphs. This documentation was primarily supplied by Alfred Maudslay, an English archaeologist who made significant contributions to Central American archeology.

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