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Movie poster
Directed by Mansoor Khan
Produced by Ganesh Jain,
Ratan Jain,
Balwant Singh
Written by Mansoor Khan
Starring Shahrukh Khan
Aishwarya Rai
Chandrachur Singh
Music by Anu Malik
Cinematography K. V. Anand
Edited by K Dilip
Distributed by United Seven Creations
Release dates
June 9, 2000
Country India
Language Hindi
Budget INR170 million (US$2.7 million)
Box office INR330 million (US$5.2 million) [1]

Josh (Hindi: जोश, Urdu: جوش‎, translation: Frenzy) is a 2000 Bollywood action crime film directed by Mansoor Khan. The film stars Shahrukh Khan and Aishwarya Rai in the lead roles, along with Chandrachur Singh, Sharad Kapoor, Priya Gill and Vivek Vaswani in supporting roles. The film released on 9 June 2000, and became the fourth highest-grossing film in India in 2000.[2] The film is a remake of West Side Story.


The film is set in a town called Vasco in Goa, named after Alberto Vasco, a Portuguese noble who owned most of the town during the colonial era. There are two rival gangs in Vasco, called Bichhoo (Hindi: Scorpion), and Eagles.

Bichoo gang's leader is Prakash (Sharad Kapoor), while the Eagles are led by Max (Shah Rukh Khan). They are all enemies, they fight, run, chase, and beat. But they are usually stopped from fights by Father Jacob, or the Town Inspector (Sharat Saxena). One day Prakash's brother Rahul (Chandrachur Singh) comes to visit after 2 years, who is a master-chef working in Mumbai. Rahul loves Goa the more he sees of it, and as he tours around Vasco, he meets Shirley (Aishwarya Rai), the twin sister of Max and he falls in love with her straightaway.

Knowing about Eagles and Bicchhoo rivalry, Rahul keeps his mouth closed. He opens a pastry shop 'Treat House' and settles in Vasco. Meanwhile, he becomes part of the Eagles-Bichchoo rivalry, and gets closer to Shirley. The whole situation is unprecedented in this city, which gets all the more intriguing when Rahul comes across a secret about Max and Shirley's past; a secret that will change their lives forever, and that, which leads to a death. He comes to know that Max and Shirley were actually the illegitimate children of Alberto Vasco, the founder of the town. Rahul wants to reveal this to Shirley in a letter but due to circumstances it falls in the hands of Prakash. Prakash plans to murder Max, to get his father's lands worth Rupees 20 lacks. This leads to fight sequence between both, where Max accidentally shoots Prakash while defending himself. Max is arrested and his trial puts a rift between Shirley and Rahul. Max is about to go to the gallows, but the truth is finally revealed by Rahul and he acknowledges his brother's mistake.

The story ends with a happy note while Rahul and Shirley are married, Max too marries his love interest Roseanne (Priya Gill).


Actor/Actress Role
Shah Rukh Khan Max Dias
Aishwarya Rai Shirley Dias
Chandrachur Singh Rahul Sharma
Sharad Kapoor Prakash Sharma
Priya Gill Rosanne
Vivek Vaswani Savio
Sharat Saxena Inspector
Puneet Vashist Michael
Sushant Singh Ghotya
Nadira Mrs. Louise
Suhas Joshi Rahul's mother


A. R. Rahman was signed in as the music director first, but he opted out, due to time constraints and other commitments.[3] After Rahman opted out, Mansoor Khan roped in Anu Malik to complete the music fast, and release the film on time.

# Title Singer(s) Length
1 Apun Bola Hema Sardesai, Shahrukh Khan 04:25
2 Hai Mera Dil Udit Narayan, Alka Yagnik 04:08
3 Hum To Dil Se Haare Udit Narayan, Alka Yagnik 05:06
4 Mere Khayalon Ki Malika Abhijeet 04:50
5 Zinda Hain Hum To Abhijeet Bhattacharya, Jolly Mukherjee, Hema Sardesai 04:44
6 Sailaru Sailare Mano, Suresh Peters 05:25
7 Hai Mera Dil (Instrumental) 04:08
8 Hum To Dil Se Haare (Instrumental) 05:07


The PlanetBollywood gave the film 7.5/10 and wrote "Mansoor succeeds as a director in keeping the movie fast and interesting, though it is the characters who come out much stronger than the movie".[4] Taran Adarsh from Bollywood Hungama noted "On the whole, JOSH is a well made film with great performances and a hit musical score. But the Goan ambience will restrict its prospects in some states due to lack of identification. Also, an average second half and a weak climax are major limitations".[5] Upon release, the film tasted the success at the box office collecting INR 33,00,00,000[2]


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