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Home and Away is an Australian television soap opera. It was first broadcast on the Seven Network on 17 January 1988. The following is a list of characters that first appeared or will appear in 2013, by order of first appearance. All characters are introduced by the soap's executive producer, Lucy Addario. The 26th season of Home and Away began airing from 21 January 2013.[1] The first introduction of the year was Zac MacGuire then followed by Courtney Freeman, Maddy Osborne, Spencer Harrington and Rosie Prichard who all made their debuts in the same month. Chris Harrington and Ricky Sharpe arrived in April. Josh, Andy Barrett and Hannah Wilson debuted in August, while Zac's family – Ethan, Evelyn and Oscar MacGuire – began appearing from September, as did Nate Cooper. Jade Montgomery and Matt Page arrived in October, while Phoebe Nicholson debuted in November.

Zac MacGuire[edit]

Main article: Zac MacGuire

Zac MacGuire, played by Charlie Clausen, made his first screen appearance on 22 January 2013.[2] The character and casting was announced on 13 January 2013.[2] A TV Week reporter noted that the role marked something of a return to acting for Clausen.[2] The actor commented "I'm very excited to join the cast of Home and Away. I found out I got the role on my birthday and I couldn't think of a better gift. It's a fantastic opportunity for any actor and I've been made to feel really welcome by the cast, crew and production team. I'm looking forward to 2013 and beyond."[3] Zac is a prison education officer who encounters Casey Braxton (Lincoln Younes) when he breaks up a brawl. Clausen revealed that Zac has been asked to keep an eye on Casey by Natalie Davison (Catherine Mack).[2] The actor stated that Zac is "a good guy", who began working in the prison system after spending time inside when he was younger.[2]

Courtney Freeman[edit]

Courtney Freeman, played by Joshua Brennan, made his first screen appearance on 22 January 2013.[4] The character and casting was announced on 14 January 2013.[4] Courtney is an inmate at Crestview Correctional Centre, which Casey Braxton (Lincoln Younes) has to attend for his part in a failed robbery. Casey's efforts to try and keep to himself fail when Courtney notices him and they have a "run-in".[4] Younes described Courtney as being a "stereotypical prison bully."[4] When Casey is placed in the prison kitchens, Courtney asks him to keep an eye on some food delivery that contain drugs. When Casey stands up to Courtney and refuses, he is left "battered and bruised" by the encounter.[5]

Courtney takes a dislike to Casey and begins to make his stay difficult. He orders Casey to help with drug smuggling and attacks him when he refuses. When Jamie Sharpe (Hugo Johnstone-Burt) arrives at the facility, Courtney learns of the Braxton's animosity with the Sharpe family. He uses his gang to intimidate Jamie into beating Casey up.

Maddy Osborne[edit]

Maddy Osborne
Home and Away character
Portrayed by Kassandra Clementi
Duration 2013–
First appearance 24 January 2013
Introduced by Lucy Addario
Classification Present, regular
Occupation Student
Gym trainer
Home Summer Bay House

Madeleine "Maddy" Osborne, played by Kassandra Clementi, made her first screen appearance on 24 January 2013.[6] The character was first seen during an official promo for the 2013 season.[7] Clementi's casting was announced on 6 January 2013.[6] The actress revealed that she was homesick for Australia and thought it was "a wonderful opportunity" to join Home and Away.[6] She stated that she wanted to make Maddy "one of the most loved characters in Summer Bay."[6]

Maddy is a teen runaway, who arrives in the Bay with Spencer Harrington (Andrew Morley). Maddy falls ill and she and Spencer are found living in the local high school.[5] They later turn up on the doorstep of Roo Stewart (Georgie Parker) and Harvey Ryan's (Marcus Graham) home.[6][7] Clementi's co-star, Lynne McGranger (Irene Roberts), told Amie Parker-Williams from Digital Spy that Maddy and Spencer arrive with a secret and that an older brother, Chris (Johnny Ruffo), would also turn up and create some drama.[7] The character's introduction comes after producers announced that they would feature more fostering storylines in the show.[7] Clementi described Maddy as being "an energetic and very loving young girl who is mature and wise beyond her 16 years. She can be a perfectionist and works hard to achieve her goals. She has a passion and flair for music - especially the violin."[8]

Maddy and Spencer go to the Summer Bay Caravan Park and ask Roo Stewart for caravan. The following day, they eat breakfast in The Diner, but cannot pay for it. Spencer promises to come back with the money. While she is on the beach, Maddy meets Romeo Smith (Luke Mitchell), who offers to give her surfing lessons. She and Spencer later spend the night on a boat, before moving to the local high school. Roo learns that they are there and when Maddy gets sick, Spencer calls her. She and Harvey bring them both back to Summer Bay House for the night. Maddy and Spencer run away, but struggle out in the bush. They return to the caravan park and discover Romeo locked in the shed. Maddy fetches Roo to help and she and Spencer decide that they can trust her. Maddy later reveals that she and Spencer are not brother and sister, but lovers. Maddy explains that she and Spencer met at school and began dating, but his father did not approve of their relationship. They ran away to be together. Roo and Harvey take Maddy to the hospital and she is diagnosed with viral meningitis. Shortly after she is released from the hospital, Maddy's mother comes to see her. Spencer decides that they should return home and leave. Maddy and Spencer eventually return to Summer-Bay. Maddy starts to wonder if she is ready to have sex with Spencer, she feels she is ready but Spencer disagrees and they fight, they later reconcile. Spencer's brother, Chris (Johnny Ruffo) comes to Summer-Bay. Chris begins to annoy Maddy and Spencer, and becomes a "third wheel" in their relationship. Maddy and Spencer break up.

Maddy becomes increasingly jealous of Spencer's new relationship with Sasha Bezmel (Demi Harman), especially when they sleep together weeks into their relationship. Determined to prove that she doesn't need them, she grows close to Casey Braxton (Lincoln Younes) by receiving coaching from him, much to Roo's concern. They nearly sleep together, but Casey rejects her at the last minute, upsetting her. Roo gets the wrong end of the stick and believes Casey tried to pressure Maddy into sleeping with him. When Maddy tells her the truth, she allows Casey to move back into the caravan park. At Bianca (Lisa Gormley) and Heath Braxton's (Dan Ewing) wedding reception, she almost had sex with Josh Barrett (Jackson Gallagher), who she has only just met, but Casey pulls her away. As they drive home, they are run off the road by an angry Josh and his brother Andy (Tai Hara). Maddy is knocked unconscious and pulled from the burning car by Casey, which explodes moments later. Maddy makes a full recovery, but Casey badly injures his spinal cord and is rendered in a wheelchair. Whilst Casey is in hospital, Maddy becomes closer to Josh, after learning he was an unwilling participant in Andy running them off the road, and they start dating. Despite what Roo and Alf think of Josh, Maddy stays with him and helps Josh to find somewhere to stay by letting him stay in her bedroom. They soon get caught out by Marilyn, who tells Roo and Alf. They throw Josh out and Maddy decides they should run away. They soon return and consummate their relationship.

Maddy helps Sasha and Spencer when their relationship starts to suffer, but as a result of this, Spencer gets confused and kisses Maddy. She agrees with Spencer to never tell Josh about the kiss. However, Josh overhears them talking about it. Maddy and Josh later break up and Maddy has sex with Oscar. After Casey dies, Josh and Maddy have a one-night stand, but Josh regrets it. Months later after fainting in the surf club, Maddy learns she is pregnant. She wants Josh to be the father and initially refuses to undergo an ultrasound. She later learns that she is not pregnant and actually has a malignant cyst on her ovary. Maddy undergoes surgery to have the cyst removed, but she needs chemotherapy to fight the cancer that has already spread.

Spencer Harrington[edit]

Spencer Harrington
Home and Away character
Portrayed by Andrew Morley
Duration 2013–15
First appearance 24 January 2013
Introduced by Lucy Addario
Classification Present, regular (departing)
Occupation Student
Gym trainer
Home Beach House

Spencer Harrington, played by Andrew Morley, made his first screen appearance on 24 January 2013.[5][6] The character was first seen during a promotional trailer for the serial's 2013 season.[7] On 22 January, Home and Away released Morley's official cast shots.[9] On 1 March 2015, it was announced that Morley had quit Home and Away to pursue acting opportunities in the United States.[10] Morley finished filming in late 2014. Spencer will remain on-screen until 23 April 2015.[10][11]

Spencer was a teen runaway, who arrived in Summer Bay with Maddy Osborne (Kassandra Clementi).[6][7] They initially set up home in the local high school, but are discovered by Sasha Bezmel (Demi Harman). Clementi revealed that Maddy and Spencer are trying to cover up a secret and that they are scared of what their parents will do when they find out where they are.[5] They later turn up at Roo Stewart (Georgie Parker) and Harvey Ryan's (Marcus Graham) home.[6][7] It was also announced that new character, Chris (Johnny Ruffo), would be related to Maddy and Spencer and that he would create some drama for them.[7] Maddy and Spencer's introductions came shortly after producers announced that they would feature more fostering storylines in the show.[5][7] Describing his character, Morley said "Spencer is genuine, confident and a big charmer. He has a quality that turns heads and his positive attitude enlightens those around him. Spencer is a romantic, loyal and selfless man that puts the ones he cares for above and beyond himself."[9]

Spencer and Maddy come to the Summer Bay Caravan Park to ask Roo Stewart for caravan. At The Diner, Spencer reveals that he cannot pay for their meal, but promises to come back with the money. He later works off his debt and tells Roo that his parents are dead. Spencer and Maddy spend the night on a boat, before moving to the local high school. Spencer becomes concerned when Maddy gets sick. When they learn that Roo knows they are staying at the school, Spencer and Maddy initially disagree about contacting her. However, Maddy's health deteriorates and Spencer calls Roo. She and Harvey bring them back to Summer Bay House for the night. Spencer and Maddy later run away, but struggle out in the bush. They return to the caravan park and discover an injured Romeo Smith (Luke Mitchell) in the shed. Maddy fetches Roo to help and she and Spencer later decide that they can trust Roo. Spencer is given a job in the bait shop and Maddy reveals that they are not brother and sister, but lovers. Spencer's brother Chris (Johnny Rufflo) turns up in Summer Bay and becomes a third wheel in their relationship. Spencer and Maddy eventually break up.

Spencer gets into a relationship with Sasha Bezmel (Demi Harman), and Maddy is jealous. They have sex within weeks of becoming a couple, further infuriating Maddy. Chris returns to the Bay to try and win Sasha's sister Indi Walker (Samara Weaving) back, and he argues with Sasha, trapping Spencer in the middle again.

Rosie Prichard[edit]

Rosie Prichard
Home and Away character
Portrayed by Teri Haddy
First appearance 30 January 2013
Last appearance 15 July 2013
Introduced by Lucy Addario
Classification Former, recurring
Occupation Student
Home Sydney

Rosie Prichard, played by Teri Haddy, made her first screen appearance on 30 January 2013.[2][12] The character and casting was announced on 13 January 2013.[2] Shortly after she relocated to Sydney in May 2012, Haddy won the role of Rosie.[2] She is six years older than her character, who is sixteen upon her entrance.[2] Haddy called her character "sweet, but awkward" and noted that she is a bit of "a loner".[2] Rosie has always lived in Summer Bay, but has never been seen on-screen before.[2] She looks up to Sasha Bezmel (Demi Harman) and when they eventually becomes friends, Sasha invites her to a party. Haddy revealed "Rosie hears she used to be with Casey and gets excited because, to her, he's like royalty in Summer Bay."[2]

Teri Haddy plays Rosie Prichard

In early April, Rosie was raped by fellow student Alexander Mullens (Louis McIntosh).[13] Haddy explained "It's Rosie's first boyfriend and because he paid her all this attention and she felt really special, at first she doesn't see it as him attacking her. They were spending time together kissing, so she feels like she brought this on herself."[13] Rosie goes to Sasha and Roo Stewart (Georgie Parker) and tells them what has happened to her. She also goes to the police to report Mullens.[13] Haddy told Erin Miller from TV Week that she did research into how teenage girls have coped with being sexually assaulted. She also hoped the storyline would show girls that they do not have to be afraid to say no to what the guy is asking.[13]

Rosie and Sasha Bezmel pair up for a science assignment. Sasha tries to get Rosie to touch a crab at the pier, but she becomes scared and falls into the sea. Sasha then jumps in to help her and after having lunch together, they become friends. Rosie is invited to a toga party at Sasha's home and she is excited to meet Sasha's ex-boyfriend, Casey Braxton (Lincoln Younes). She later mistakes his kindness for flirting. Sasha notices Rosie talking to Natalie Davison (Catherine Mack) and presumes that Rosie has problems. She begins to question Rosie about her family. Rosie refuses to let Sasha stay over her house and pays Tilda Hogan (Gigi Perry) to pretend to be her younger "sister" called Hannah. Sasha discovers Tilda's real identity from Jett James (Will McDonald) and she follows Rosie home, when she confronts her, Rosie reveals that her mum left her when she was young and her dad splits his time between her and his secondary family in the city, and Rosie lives on her own. When Sasha befriends Maddy Osborne (Kassandra Clementi), Rosie becomes jealous. She decides to run into the sea, despite not being able to swim well and Sasha has to run in and save her. However, both girls get caught in a rip and have to be saved by Casey and John Palmer (Shane Withington). Sasha distances herself from Rosie, who befriends some other teens from the school. Rosie kisses Alexander Mullens and he brags about taking advantage of her. Sasha tries to get Rosie to stop hanging out with Mullens, but she refuses. While on a date, Mullens rapes Rosie and she initially blames herself for what has happened. Sasha supports Rosie and she reports Mullens to the police. Rosie attends to Zac MacGuire's Self-Defence class and meets a girl named Bella Lugrano (Hayley Mitchell-Miller). She then runs off when Bella touched her. Rosie found out that Bella was too raped by Mullens, but didn't tell the police. The next day, Bella meet up with Rosie and Sasha at the Diner and told them that she reported her rape to the police. One of Mullens' friend, Lachlan Stone (Michael Windeyer) started to stalk Rosie, which scared her, at self-defence, she was frightened when Lachlan showed up and Maddy, Tamara and Sasha tries to comfort her, as Zac tells him to stay away from Rosie, Lachlan tells Zac that he's not like Mullens. Rosie learnt that Lachlan just want to talk to her and that he had Mullens' text messages and videos about the rape. Rosie asked is he going to show it to the police, and Lachlan said yes. A few days later, Rosie learnt from Zac that Mullens had been arrested, which made Rosie happy, thanks to Lachlan. But one day, Rosie works at the diner and collapsed into Spencer Harrington's arms and soon learns that she is pregnant with Mullens' baby. Rosie felt unsafe at school and tells new principal, Bianca Scott that she doesn't want to come back to school at all, but soon she returns. Holly Chapman (Sacha Vivian-Riding) began to tease and bully Rosie about her pregnancy and her bond with Zac. Rosie decides to keep the baby and she later leaves the Bay to live in the city with her dad.

Chris Harrington[edit]

Chris Harrington
Home and Away character
Portrayed by Johnny Ruffo
Duration 2013–
First appearance 1 April 2013
Introduced by Lucy Addario
Classification Present, regular
Occupation Waiter
Home Beach House
Johnny Ruffo plays Chris Harrington

Chris Harrington, played by Johnny Ruffo, made his first screen appearance in 1 April 2013.[14][15] The character and Ruffo's casting was announced on 19 October 2012.[16] Ruffo told Christine Sams from the The Sydney Morning Herald that he had asked his agent to check out what roles were available, when the Home and Away part came up.[15] After his first audition, he received a callback for a second audition. Ruffo called himself "very fortunate" after learning he had won the role because quite a few people also tried out for it.[15] Home and Away marks Ruffo's acting debut and he relocated from Perth to Sydney for filming.[17][18] He was initially contracted to appear in about sixteen episodes and he began shooting his first scenes in September.[16][18] Ruffo's contract was later extended.[19] Of his casting, Ruffo stated "I'm thrilled to be joining Home and Away. The cast and crew have made me feel so welcome and can't wait for everyone to meet my character Chris next year."[17]

Chris is Spencer Harrington's (Andrew Morley) older brother.[14] He comes to Summer Bay to visit Spencer and convince him to return home and sort things out with his family.[20] Ruffo thought that the scriptwriters had written the character just for him and he described Chris as being "fun and cheeky, he's a bit of a ladies' man and a little bit cheesy like me. He's a traveller who has been around, much like myself."[21] The actor also called him "a lover, not a fighter" and added that he likes to stir the pot.[20] Sams wrote that Chris would become the "focal point" of a romantic storyline and some family dramas.[15]

Ricky Sharpe[edit]

Ricky Sharpe
Home and Away character
Portrayed by Bonnie Sveen
First appearance 2 April 2013
Introduced by Lucy Addario
Classification Present, regular
Occupation Photographer
Home 31 Saxon Avenue

Erica "Ricky" Sharpe,[22] played by Bonnie Sveen, made her first screen appearance on 2 April 2013.[23] Sveen previously appeared in the small guest role of Hayley Doven in 2010.[24] She told Tim Martain from The Mercury that she was "thrilled" to receive the ongoing role of Ricky.[24] She explained "I wanted Ricky more than anything I've ever auditioned for. I often think of my Nan [a huge fan of the show]. Home and Away was often on the telly at her house...and now I'm a River Girl."[24]

Ricky is Adam Sharpe's (Martin Lynes) younger sister.[25] Amy Mills from New Idea revealed that Ricky would arrive in Summer Bay to attend Heath Braxton's (Dan Ewing) engagement party.[26] She also becomes a love interest for Heath's older brother, Brax (Stephen Peacocke), who she has known since he was a teenager.[25] Ricky and Brax have known each other for years and "sparks instantly fly" between them.[26] They have a one-night stand and Ricky decides that she is happy to have "a casual fling", while Brax wants something more serious.[25] In 2014, Sveen won the Most Popular New Talent Logie Award for her portrayal of Ricky.[27] The following year, she was nominated for Most Popular Actress.[28]

Ricky comes to Summer Bay as part of her brother Adam's (Martin Lynes) plot for revenge against the Braxton brothers. She gets into a relationship with Darryl Braxton (Steve Peacocke) and frames Brax's brother Casey Braxton (Lincoln Younes) for a robbery under Adam's orders. She comes to care for Brax and regrets framing Casey. She tells Adam that she doesn't want to be part of his scheme anymore, but he refuses to release her from it. He later kidnaps Casey's girlfriend Tamara Kingsley (Kelly Paterniti) and holds her captive with Ricky. When Brax tries to rescue them, he is shot by Adam and nearly dies. Both Adam and Ricky are arrested, but at her trial Brax refuses to testify and both Casey and Tamara support her story that Adam was forcing her to act against the Braxtons. Ricky is released and moves back in with Brax. She supports Casey when Tamara, who lost her memory due to the kidnapping, starts a relationship with Brax and Casey's half-brother, Kyle (Nic Westaway).

When Brax is taken to jail for the murder of Johnny Barrett, he is sentenced to 15 years imprisonment. While he is doing his time, Ricky discovers she is pregnant with Brax's child and does not want to tell anyone. Fearing that she is losing the baby, Ricky goes to the hospital where she bonds with doctor Nate Cooper (Kyle Pryor), and, although it turns out to be a false alarm, she is caught up in a bombing when she leaves the hospital. She receives minor injuries, but loses the baby as a result. Deciding that she needs to move on from Brax, Ricky starts a relationship with Nate and attempts to cut all contact with the Braxton brothers by moving out. However, Casey manages to convince her to help get Brax's sentence shortened by visiting her brother Adam in jail who can vouch that Brax was a minor at the time of Johnny Barrett's murder. Adam then confesses that he killed the man Brax believes himself to have killed, and Ricky clears his name. However, she continues with romancing Nate, and gets a job in London as a photographer. She breaks up with Nate before she leaves, and Brax follows her and convinces her to give things another chance between them. She returns with him to Summer Bay, where things are awkward with Nate as he still has feelings for her. Things begin to work between Brax and Ricky, until Ricky reveals her desire to be a mother; a desire Brax doesn't share. She tells him that she doesn't see a future for them unless he wants children. When Brax's other brother Heath (Dan Ewing) leaves, he tells Ricky that he was like a father to his brothers and agrees to try for a baby with her. She later finds out she is pregnant on the same day that Casey is killed.

Josh Barrett[edit]

Josh Barrett
Home and Away character
Portrayed by Jackson Gallagher
Duration 2013–
First appearance 27 August 2013
Introduced by Lucy Addario
Home and Away Extras (2013)
Classification Present, regular
Occupation Student

Josh Barrett played by Jackson Gallagher, made his first screen appearance on 27 August 2013.[29] The character and Gallagher's casting was reported by Debbie Schipp from The Daily Telegraph on 3 August 2013.[29] Gallagher admitted he was starstruck when he filmed a scene with long term cast member Ray Meagher (who plays Alf Stewart), adding "That was when it hit home."[29] Josh was introduced to the show along with his brother Andy (Tai Hara). The characters first appeared in online webisodes, which explored their backgrounds.[29]

Josh shows up on the beach where Heath Braxton (Dan Ewing) and Bianca Scott (Lisa Gormley) are having their wedding reception. He and Maddy Osborne (Kassandra Clementi) flirt, but are interrupted by Casey Braxton (Lincoln Younes) who wants to take Maddy home. Casey and Josh fight, before Casey and Maddy leave. Josh and his brother Andy follow Casey and Maddy's car and run them off the road, causing them to crash. Casey is serious injured, but Maddy forgives Josh and they begin dating. Josh leaves home and Maddy hides him in her bedroom, but Alf and Roo Stewart (Georgie Parker) find them and throw Josh out. Maddy decides to join Josh and they spend the night in Mangrove Rive High School. Josh gets a call from Andy, who tells him that Darryl Braxton (Steve Peacocke) confessed to killing their father, Johnny. Andy decides to get revenge on Brax. As Brax comes out of court, Andy realises that the gun he was going to use is missing. Debbie then appears with the gun and fires towards Brax, but accidentally hits Josh. He pulls through, and his relationship with Andy improves as a result.

Josh is shocked when Casey is revealed to be his half-brother paternally, and struggles to support Maddy through various dramas, including Roo falling seriously ill. Feeling unwanted, he starts an affair with Evelyn MacGuire (Phillipa Northeast), but she is uncomfortable with him cheating on Maddy. However, when the truth is revealed, Josh ends things with Maddy to be with Evelyn. As revenge, Maddy starts a relationship with Evelyn's twin brother Oscar (Jake Speer). Andy begins dealing drugs, and gets involved with a bad crowd. When he tries to get out of it, they kidnap Josh and hold him hostage. Casey rushes to Josh's aid and is shot dead, while Andy and Darryl rescue Josh.

Andy Barrett[edit]

Andy Barrett
Home and Away character
Portrayed by Tai Hara
Duration 2013–
First appearance 28 August 2013
Introduced by Lucy Addario
Classification Present, regular
Occupation Personal trainer

Andy Barrett, played by Tai Hara, made his first screen appearance on 28 August 2013.[29] The character and Hara's casting was reported by Debbie Schipp from The Daily Telegraph on 3 August 2013.[29] Of being cast in Home and Away, Hara commented "I thought how lucky I was. It's just a real privilege to be on a show that is so loved."[29] Andy was introduced to the show along with his brother Josh (Jackson Gallagher). The characters first appeared in online webisodes, which explored their backgrounds.[29] The Barretts were initially rivals of the Braxton brothers and Hara said "There is a lot of history behind both the families. I carry the secrets of what our whole relationship is with them."[29]

Andy gets a job at Body and Soul to help Josh get his education and starts dating Hannah Wilson (Cassie Howarth) for saving Josh and they go down to the beach after hearing Brax is released after Adam Sharpe (Martin Lynes) confesses to being the actual killer of Andy's step-father, Johnny Barrett. His already tense relationship with the Braxtons further deteriorates after he runs Casey (Lincoln Younes), who is driving home a drunk Maddy Osborne, off the road over a misunderstanding. Casey was confined to a wheelchair for some time due to a spinal cord injury and a furious Brax seeks Andy for revenge after finding out the truth. Andy punches Brax the moment he sees him and leaves before John Palmer could do something. Johnny's remains were found and among them, was a baby photo of Casey, that they mistake for a baby photo of Josh. Brax steals it to confirm that Casey is Johnny's son and after returning from London, Andy steals the key from Hannah to grab the photo. This causes Hannah and Andy to break up.

Hannah Wilson[edit]

Hannah Wilson
Home and Away character
Portrayed by Cassie Howarth
Duration 2013–
First appearance 29 August 2013
Introduced by Lucy Addario
Classification Present, regular
Occupation Nurse
Home The Farmhouse
Cassie Howarth plays Hannah

Hannah Wilson, played by Cassie Howarth, made her first screen appearance on 29 August 2013.[30] The character and casting was announced in late August 2013.[31] Hannah was described as being "a free spirit".[31] Howarth called her character strong and determined. She also stated that Hannah would "fight fiercely for her family", but she has a fear of being alone and needs to be loved.[31]

Hannah comes to Summer Bay to ask Zac MacGuire (Charlie Clausen) for his help, when she believes their niece and nephew are being brainwashed by a cult that Zac's brother, Ethan (Matt Minto), has got them involved in.[30] Howarth explained "Hannah hasn't seen Zac in years, because he's been estranged from his brother. Hannah's sister, Sarah, was married to Ethan, but died a year ago. Hannah has been looking after the kids and helping her brother-in-law. She's played a real motherly role with them."[30] Zac initially thinks Hannah is over reacting, but decides to go and see Ethan and his children at the camp. Howarth said that Hannah has been to the camp a few times and has got a bad feeling about what goes on there.[30] Ethan gives Hannah and Zac a tour; passing the place off as a group enlightening camp. Howarth called the storyline "hard-hitting" and added that it was not a smooth transition to life in the Bay.[30]

With the help of the Braxtons, Hannah and Zac rescue Oscar and Evelyn. Hannah moves into Leah Patterson-Baker's (Ada Nicodemou) house and gets a job at the local hospital as a nurse. Hannah and Zac develop feelings for each other, but agree not to take things further for the sake of the twins.

Ethan MacGuire[edit]

Ethan MacGuire
Home and Away character
Portrayed by Matt Minto
Duration 2013–14
First appearance 2 September 2013
Last appearance 27 January 2014
Introduced by Lucy Addario
Classification Former, recurring
Occupation Lawyer

Ethan MacGuire, played by Matt Minto, made his first screen appearance on 2 September 2013.[30] The character and casting was announced in late August 2013.[31] Minto originally auditioned for another role with the serial, but was offered the part of Ethan instead. He began filming in April 2013.[32] Ethan is Zac MacGuire's (Charlie Clausen) estranged brother.[30] He has got himself and his teenage children Evelyn (Philippa Northeast) and Oscar (Jake Speer) involved in a cult and has moved them into the camp.[31] When Zac comes to visit, Ethan greets him "warmly" and tries to pass the cult off as a group enlightenment camp.[30] Zac eventually teams up with Ethan's sister-in-law Hannah (Cassie Howarth) to try and get the children out of the cult, but it proves difficult and Ethan is "hard to fight."[31] The character has also been described as being "controlling".[31] Carena Crawford from All About Soap branded the character "Evil Ethan".[33] Ethan departed on 27 January 2014.[34]

Following the death of his wife, Ethan moved his children, Oscar and Evelyn, to an enlightenment camp run by Murray Granger (Christopher Stollery), which turns out to be a cult. Ethan's late wife's sister Hannah visits the family and tries to get the twins to come live with her. She later turns to Ethan's brother, Zac, for help. Zac comes to the camp to visit Ethan and the twins. Ethan later catches Oscar contacting Zac and he is beaten. Zac returns, but Ethan and Evelyn warn him to stay away. He is then issued with an AVO on behalf of Ethan. Zac, along with Darryl (Steve Peacocke), Heath (Dan Ewing) and Kyle Braxton (Nic Westaway), manages to rescue the twins from the cult. Evelyn later returns to be with her father. When Spencer Harrington (Andrew Morley) is beaten, Evelyn pleads with Ethan to help her get Spencer to a hospital and away from the cult. Murray is arrested for assaulting Spencer and Ethan takes over the cult. During a music festival, he has Oscar and Evelyn kidnapped. When Kyle tries to intervene, he is hit over the head and Ethan takes Kyle with them. Oscar, Evelyn and Kyle are locked inside a shipping container. Ethan goes to the hospital to tell Hannah not to worry about the twins anymore. Shortly after, a bomb explodes, leaving Ethan badly injured. Hannah helps him, but he later goes into cardiac arrest and dies.

Evelyn MacGuire[edit]

Evelyn MacGuire
Home and Away character
Portrayed by Philippa Northeast
Duration 2013–
First appearance 3 September 2013
Introduced by Lucy Addario
Classification Present, regular
Occupation Student

Evelyn "Evie" MacGuire, played by Philippa Northeast, made her first screen appearance on 3 September 2013.[30] The character and casting were announced in late August 2013.[31] Northeast revealed that she did not get much time to work on forming a bond with her co-star Jake Speer, who plays Evelyn's twin, before filming began. She explained "But, we have a very sibling-like relationship now and we have a really similar sense of humour."[30]

Evelyn is the niece of established character Zac MacGuire (Charlie Clausen) and the twin of Oscar (Speer). Oscar and Evelyn are introduced to the show when Zac visits them after he is told that their father, Ethan (Matt Minto), has got them involved in a cult.[30] Evelyn is happy to be living at the camp, but her brother dislikes it.[30] Describing her character, Northeast stated "Evelyn believes strongly in the value of family, having lost her mother at an early age and witnessing her father try to deal with the repercussions. This, in turn, has strengthened the sibling bond she shares with Oscar, in whom she finds comfort and entertainment."[31] She called Evelyn gentle, but said that she has "a sharp sense of humour" and will voice her feelings, especially is she feels that her opinions are not being heard.[31]

After her mother died, Evelyn felt it's her responsibility to look after her father and brother. Her father sent her and Oscar to join a cult and Evelyn loved staying at the lodge, but Oscar hated it. When Evelyn's aunt and her mother's sister, Hannah Wilson (Cassie Howarth) came to the lodge to see her and Oscar, she was forced not to see them by the cult's leader, Murray Granger (Christopher Strollery). Before her 16th birthday, Evelyn reunites with her uncle, Zac, who came to visit her and her family. She barely knew him and was angry that Zac knew about the lodge because of Hannah. After Oscar was beatened by Murray for calling Zac, Zac, Darryl (Steve Peacocke), Heath (Dan Ewing) and Kyle (Nic Westaway) comes to the lodge and take the twins away from their father. Evelyn tries to escape, but Heath carries her to the car and the twins stayed at a motel at Summer Bay with Zac and Hannah. Evelyn rudely tells Hannah that she can't replace their mum. Evelyn wanted to go back to the lodge and attacks Zac, by knocking him down with a vase and tells Oscar that she can't stay in the Bay. Evelyn asked a car for a ride back to the lodge, but was scared that the driver is Kyle. Kyle caught her and took her to his house.

Kyle's housemate, Ricky Sharpe (Bonnie Sveen) befriended with Evelyn and helps her that it's not the way to get angry with Zac and Hannah. Ricky and Zac takes her to a camping trip for one night. On her birthday, she talks to Oscar in the phone and Oscar told about the birthday gifts they had when they were babies. Evelyn said it's their dad that got those gifts for them, but Oscar said it's not from their dad, from Zac. Evelyn returns Leah Patterson-Baker's (Ada Nicodemou) house, where Oscar and Hannah were staying. In surprise, Murray was there, to come and collect Oscar and Evelyn, but the twins refuses. That night, Evelyn does to Angelo's with her family for dinner to celebrate hers and Oscar's birthdays, until the police came to their table. Evelyn said it was her that she called, saying that she wants to come back to the lodge and doesn't want to leave her father. She then walks with the police and reunite with her dad. A week later, Evelyn came to Summer Bay with Murray to visit Oscar and returns back to the lodge that day. Evelyn meets Oscar's friend from Summer Bay, Spencer Harrington (Andrew Morley) who joins the cult to investigate his illness that he had as a teenager. Evelyn meets Spencer's girlfriend, Sasha Bezmel (Demi Harman) who was worried for Spencer, for spending much time at the lodge and tells Evelyn to look after him. Then Spencer's brother, Chris (Johnny Ruffo) and he gives her his phone to record evidences.

Evelyn meets one of the girls from the cult, Freya Lund (Ellie Gall), who once attend to the lodge's annual Discovery Weekend, which Evelyn has never been to. Evelyn asked Freya about the Discovery Weekend and tells Evelyn that it's not the right time to talk. That night, she asked Freya what is the Discovery Weekend about, Freya said it was awful and warns her not to be like her. Evelyn and Spencer goes to their first Discovery Weekend and forced to wear white, by Murray. She then record a video on Chris' phone for the Discovery Weekend. All girls and boys stood in two lines, and Evelyn was next to Spencer. They both discovered that it's actually a wedding ceremony and that Evelyn must marry Spencer. As it's their turn, Spencer stood up to Murray, saying that he will not marry Evelyn. Evelyn was shocked when Murray slapped Spencer in front of her. That night, she sneaks off into a shed, where Spencer was badly beatened. She helped him up and takes him back to Summer Bay, but Spencer's injuries slows the both of them down and they slept that night in the bush. Spencer coughed up blood and Evelyn searches for help, and sees a car coming by and it was her dad, but worst, Murray is with him.

Murray and Ethan was about to take them back, until Zac and Hannah came by. Ethan tells Zac and Hannah to get Spencer help, but Evelyn must stay with him. Evelyn tries to tells her dad that Murray is not what he thinks he is, but Ethan refuses to believe her about Murray's true colours. Evelyn returns to the Bay and Spencer was taken to hospital. She showed the video to the police and fears that Ethan is involved. The twins returned to the lodge, which was shut down for good and collect her stuff at her house. Evelyn get used to live in the Bay and accepts Zac and Hannah as apart of her family. A week later, she is surprised that Ethan was released from prison and is there to bring her and Oscar home. But Oscar refuses to forgive Ethan and Evelyn chose to stay where Oscar wants to stay. Evelyn attends to Summer Bay High and meets Oscar's best friends, Maddy Osborne (Kassandra Clementi) and Josh Barrett (Jackson Gallagher). Evelyn learns that Sasha is renting her farmhouse, since her family left the bay. The twins knew it's time for them to move into a house with Zac and Hannah. The twins then moved into the farmhouse with their aunt and uncle. Evelyn meets Oscar's rival from Mangrove River High, Matt Page (Alec Snow) and has a crush on him. Oscar tries to protect Evelyn from Matt, but she pushes Oscar out of it.

Evelyn was invited by Matt to a beach party with Maddy and Josh, but Evelyn was unhappy and upset when Matt was having fun with Maddy and storms off, unknowing that Maddy was drugged. Evelyn and Oscar goes to a music festival that Kyle and his ex-girlfriend, Tamara Kingsley (Kelly Paterniti) had organised. She was still angry at Matt being with Maddy at the beach party and Maddy confesses to Evelyn that she's not in love with Matt and Evelyn reconciles with Matt. The next day, Evelyn and Oscar meet up with their dad and Ethan and his thugs kidnaps them and Kyle tries to save them, but was knocked down and taken with the twins. Evelyn was locked in a shipping container with Oscar and Kyle that night and became weak. But they were saved by Zac, Hannah, Tamara and Kyle's brother, Casey (Lincoln Younes). The next day, Evelyn was devastated that her father died from a bomb explosion at the hospital where Hannah was working. Evelyn and Oscar were no orphans and they witnessed Hannah and Zac kissing and was not fooled that it was just a kiss and believes that Hannah and Zac are lovers. Evelyn pushes her family off and spends with Matt and his friends. Evelyn kisses Matt in front of Oscar and he attacks Matt. Evelyn and Matt goes to Jett's party at Irene Roberts' (Lynne McGranger) house, but Zac caught her and bring her home. She stopped taking interests in Matt and he moved on.

Evelyn goes to her father's funeral and a week later, sees Zac hugging a woman at the beach and angrily confront him about his new "girlfriend", but Zac said it's actually hers and Oscar's half-sister, Denny Miller (Jessica Grace Smith) and Ethan's other daughter. Evelyn was angry and refuses to meet her sister and bites Denny's head off at the diner and at the farmhouse. Oscar told Evelyn that she's a very rude person and a very cruel to Denny. Leah tells Evelyn that it's OK to save another sibling from another family and after having a chat with Leah, Evelyn gets to talk to her sister for the first time and befriended with her. Evelyn wanted Denny to stay at the Bay, but Denny said she's actually going back to the city to her mother after her caravan payments are expired. But Denny chose to stay with Oscar and Evelyn. Evelyn began to bond with Spencer, after he and Sasha broke up and spend the day with him. Evelyn hears that Zac had an affair with Heath's wife, Bianca Scott (Lisa Gormley), who is the school principal and Heath attacks Zac in front of Evelyn's eyes. Evelyn stopped Heath from hurting him and Heath realised he had scared her and walks off.

Evelyn asks whether he told Hannah about the affair and Zac tells her to shut up and it's none of the business in front of everyone, embarrassing her. Evelyn returns home and tells Hannah everything Zac said to her. Zac tries to take Evelyn back to school, but Hannah tells him to leave Evelyn alone. Evelyn was shocked when Hannah told her, Oscar and Zac that Tamara got run over by a car and left there for dead. Oscar tells Evelyn that he's the one that hit Tamara with Zac's car and kept it secret from Zac and Hannah. Zac thought he hit Tamara and Sasha wanted to write a story about it. But Evelyn refuses and Oscar confesses to Zac, Hannah and the police and got charged by the police. Evelyn was angry at Sasha for publishing the story about the accident and Spencer invites her to Maddy's party at the surf club and ask her to be his date, but she turned him down. She was then got upset by Josh, who kept on asking her about Oscar and snaps at him. Josh apologizes and she gave him an apology and forgave her. He also convinced her to go to Maddy's party. Evelyn returns home and no was there, but Denny, who was getting ready for her date with her boyfriend, Chris. She attends to the party with Denny and Chris and dances with Spencer. She confronts Sasha and Matt, who's Sasha's new boyfriend comes to her defense and upsets Evelyn. Spencer scolds her back home, Evelyn thanked him for supporting her and she rewards him with a kiss.

Spencer wanted to be with Evelyn, but she told him that she has feelings for someone and it turns out that Evelyn's secret crush is Josh, Maddy's boyfriend. Evelyn denies him that she doesn't like Josh, but Spencer doesn't buy it and commands her to look at him in the eyes and admit to him that she likes Josh. Evelyn reveals the truth to him, but said that Josh is already taken and is with Maddy and between Josh and her is never going to happen. Evelyn and Josh goes to art class together with their new school principal, Sophie Taylor (Bridgette Sneddon), teaching them and tells everyone to sketch a self-portrait. Josh and Evelyn swapped their assignments and Evelyn sketches an artwork of Josh's face and shows it to Hannah and she discovers that Evelyn likes Josh and tells her that if she likes him, then tell him. Josh learnt from Maddy and Spencer that Evelyn has a crush on him and confronts her at the farmhouse, during her ladies night with Hannah and Denny. The two ladies left Evelyn and Josh alone and Josh asked her if she's into him, she said no and he leaves. Evelyn was proud of Josh when he passed his exam and found out that Maddy didn't passed and plays as a victim and Josh wasn't happy that Maddy wasn't proud of him, like Evelyn does.

Evelyn does to Angelo's with Denny for dinner that night and bumps into Josh and his brother, Andy Barrett (Tai Hara), who was also Hannah's boyfriend, Josh tells Evelyn that he loves Maddy and the next morning, Evelyn confronts her at the diner that Josh admits his love to Maddy and warns her not to break Josh's heart, cause if she does, she'll be there and leaves. This brought Josh and Maddy back together and Evelyn witnessed them making out and tells Denny that she has feelings for Josh, but he doesn't feel the same way as her. A week later, Maddy's foster mum, Roo Stewart (Georgie Parker) is in hospital after return home from America and Maddy chose to stay with Roo and pushes Josh away. Josh and Evelyn bump to each other at the surf club and he invites her to play a game of pool, which they both suck at. Evelyn catches a bus back to the farm and Josh take her to the bus stop. She invites him to the farm and they went. They meet a neighbours runaway horse and Josh has the skills to care for a horse. They took it back the farmhouse, so Evelyn could call the neighbours to collect it. But Josh decided to ride it back to it's home, but Evelyn fears of falling, but Josh tells her to just hold him tight. They climbed up together and happily rode around the whole farm back to it's home.

After a fun ride, they arrive to the horse's barn and Josh helps her off and into his arms. They had a moment, leading to a kiss. They arrived to her house and felt uncomfortable after the kiss. They walked out to catch a bus for Josh and they sat there, looking awkwardly and lead to another kiss, unknowing that Marilyn Chambers (Emily Symons) witnessed them making out during the Summer Bay Bus Tour. Evelyn blames herself that she likes him and that might break his relationship with Maddy. Josh said it's not and admits that he likes her too. Josh tells Evelyn that he can't break up wit Maddy and must stay away from Evelyn for a while, which she agrees. A week later, Josh asked Evelyn for help to find Andy and Josh refuses Evelyn to help him, which upsets her and he tells her that he just wants to keep her safe. Denny sees a disappointment Evelyn and she tells her sister that if Josh chose her, they'll never be a happy couple and never be happy together. Josh and Evelyn talks about their kiss and they embrace. Evelyn was shocked when Josh turned up at her house, beaten and helped him. Evelyn blames Andy for Josh being beatened and Josh stays at Evelyn's house that night, which upsets Maddy, cause Josh went to Evelyn instead of her. Evelyn tells Josh that if they don't want to hurt Maddy, they cannot be friends. T

he next day, Maddy confront Evelyn and Josh if there's something going on between them, Evelyn denies it, but Josh was sick of hiding things and reveals that he and Evelyn had an affair and Maddy bumps Josh and ends her friendship with Evelyn. An upset Evelyn tells Josh that he hurted her more than he hurted Maddy and runs off. Josh goes after her and admit his love to her, saying that he wants to be with her and asked if she still wants to be with him, and she said yes. He kisses her and start a relationship.

Oscar MacGuire[edit]

Oscar MacGuire
Home and Away character
Portrayed by Jake Speer
Duration 2013–
First appearance 3 September 2013
Introduced by Lucy Addario
Classification Present, regular
Occupation Student

Oscar MacGuire, played by Jake Speer, made his first screen appearance on 3 September 2013.[30] The character and casting was announced in late August 2013.[35] Speer successfully auditioned for the role of Oscar earlier in the year.[35] Of his casting, Speer said "It's pretty incredible now that I'm able to talk about it ... obviously my close friends and family knew. I've been on the show since April ... I didn't really know what to expect to start off with, but it's been fantastic."[35]

Oscar is the nephew of established character Zac MacGuire (Charlie Clausen) and the twin of Evelyn (Philippa Northeast).[35] Oscar and Evelyn are introduced to the show when Zac visits them after he is told that they may be part of a cult that their father, Ethan (Matt Minto), has involved them in.[35] Speer explained that the storyline was "not your everyday run-of-the-mill thing" and he called it exciting.[35] Oscar is uncomfortable with his father's decision to move him and his sister into the cult's camp. He knows something is wrong and tries to "maintain his individuality and survive."[31] Speer said that he liked his character and revealed that he is fifteen and has not seen much of the world, meaning he has missed out on having a normal teenage life.[31][35]

Nate Cooper[edit]

Nate Cooper
Home and Away character
Portrayed by Kyle Pryor
Duration 2013–
First appearance 26 September 2013
Introduced by Lucy Addario
Classification Present, regular
Occupation Doctor

Nathaniel "Nate" Cooper, played by Kyle Pryor, made his first screen appearance on 26 September 2013.[36] The character and casting was announced on 8 September 2013.[36] Pryor originally auditioned for the role of Andy Barrett, but Tai Hara was cast instead. However, the producers liked Pryor so much, that they asked him to return to try out for the part of Nate.[37] Pryor had begun filming four months prior to his casting announcement.[36] Of having to keep his role a secret, the actor admitted "It can be quite difficult not spilling the beans but it is a good exercise in self-control."[36]

Doctor Nathaniel Cooper takes a position at the Northern Districts Hospital, despite wanting to work at a bigger hospital in the city to further his "climb up the professional ladder, to a speciality and beyond."[38] Pryor commented that Nate "has big aspirations and big dreams to be moving and shaking in the medical world, and he finds himself in Summer Bay, which is not where he feels is really the place to be doing that."[36] A writer for the official Home and Away website explained that Nate is from a working-class family and he struggled to deal with the death of his mother from an ongoing illness.[38] While watching his mother suffer, Nate threw himself into completing his studies and gaining a medical degree so he could make sure that no other family would go through what his went through.[38] The writer added that Nate is a fighter and "anything that got in his way, love, money, exhaustion, was ignored, dealt with, rejected or overcome."[38]

Nate arrives on the Bay to work at Northern Districts Hospital, but hates the area and wishes to transfer to a city-based hospital. He befriends Ricky Sharpe (Bonnie Sveen) when she confides in him that she is pregnant, and later stays at the Braxton house when he treats Josh Barrett (Jackson Gallagher) as he has nowhere to live. When the hospital is targeted in a bomb attack, Nate becomes trapped inside and has to perform emergency surgery on Bianca Scott (Lisa Gormley), who is badly injured in the explosion. He survives with only superficial injuries. Nate grows close to Ricky, and after she has a miscarriage, they start a relationship.

Jade Montgomery[edit]

Jade Montgomery
Home and Away character
Portrayed by Tasma Walton
Duration 2013–14
First appearance 16 October 2013
Last appearance 29 January 2014
Introduced by Lucy Addario
Classification Former, recurring
Occupation Principal of Mangrove River High (until 2013)
Deputy principal of Summer Bay High (2013)
Tasma Walton played Jade

Jade Montgomery, played by Tasma Walton, made her first screen appearance on 16 October 2013.[39] The character and Walton's casting was announced on 27 July 2013.[40] Walton previously appeared in Home and Away as Rachel Watson in 1995.[40] The actress accepted the offer to appear in the show again as it coincided with the premiere of a film that she features in, which was shown at the Sydney Film Festival. Walton commented "I try to get back for a couple of months at this time each year, and the timing was perfect."[40] Debbie Schipp from the The Daily Telegraph reported that Walton had begun shooting her scenes a couple of weeks before her casting announcement.[40] Jade Montgomery is a teacher, who was on-screen for "over a couple of months", as her story led into the season finale for 2013.[41] She departed on 29 January 2014.[42]

Jade Montgomery is the headmistress of Mangrove River High and when it burns down in an arson attack she arrives in Summer Bay to negotiate the merger between her school and Summer Bay High. When she learns that Bianca Scott (Lisa Gormley) will continue to serve as head of Summer Bay throughout the merger, Montgomery is put out and does not believe Bianca will be able to handle the students. She also criticises Bianca's husband, Heath Braxton (Dan Ewing), a former pupil of hers, and clearly discriminates against him. When she does the same to Mangrove River High students including Matt Page (Alec Snow), Bianca disciplines her, and as a result Montgomery trashes her office and frames Page for the crime. Bianca and several of her colleagues including Leah Patterson-Baker (Ada Nicodemou) suspect Montgomery of being behind several crimes committed at the school, and when they manage to get evidence of this from Matt, Montgomery is suspended. Wanting revenge against Bianca, she purchases a bomb and places it in Bianca's laptop bag to try and kill her. The bomb goes off at the Northern Districts Hospital, and results in the death of Ethan Maguire (Matt Minto). When Montgomery discovers what has happened, she panics and Heath realises that she was behind the explosion. She is subsequently arrested.

Matt Page[edit]

Matt Page
Home and Away character
Portrayed by Alec Snow
Duration 2013–
First appearance 21 October 2013
Introduced by Lucy Addario
Classification Present, regular
Occupation Student

Matt Page, played by Alec Snow, made his first screen appearance on 21 October 2013.[43] Snow was cast as Matt after attending an audition in early 2013.[44] He told Nick Houghton from The Toowoomba Chronicle that he was nervous ahead of the audition and did not expect to win the role. However, he received a call back the next day and won the part. He then went to Sydney to shoot his scenes.[44] Snow was initially contracted for a three month stint.[44] Of his casting, Snow said "It is an absolute privilege to be on Home and Away. It truly is an iconic show and I am very proud to be a part of it."[44] Snow later signed a contract to stay with the show for three-years.[44] Snow called his character a "troubled kid", who does not where he fits in. The actor added "He is a bit confused about life and definitely ruffles people's feathers in the Bay."[45]

Matt is a Mangrove River High student, who enrols at Summer Bay High after his school burns down. Matt takes an instant dislike to Sasha Bezmel (Demi Harman) and Oscar MacGuire (Jake Speer). When Oscar's twin sister, Evelyn starts at Summer Bay High, Matt starts wooing her and invited her to a Mangrove River beach party, but he starts hanging with Maddy. They later reconcile at the River Meets the Bay concert and when her father, Ethan died, he started comforting her and when Oscar came up to them, Matt tries to apologies for the loss, but refuses to listen. They all soon attend Jett's party at Irene's place.

Phoebe Nicholson[edit]

Phoebe Nicholson
Home and Away character
Portrayed by Isabella Giovinazzo
Duration 2013–
First appearance 26 November 2013
Introduced by Lucy Addario
Classification Present, regular
Occupation Musician
Home 31 Saxon Avenue

Phoebe Nicholson, played by Isabella Giovinazzo, made her first screen appearance on 26 November 2013. The character and casting was announced on 24 November 2013.[46] After relocating to Sydney in mid-2013, Giovinazzo successfully auditioned for the role of Phoebe. It is her first acting job.[46][47] Of joining the show, the actress commented "It's been a lot of fun. I'm still figuring out what to do. Phoebe's been a really great person to start with. Just developing her character and rounding this woman has been wonderful and I've got a lot to play with because she's a little bit kooky."[46] Phoebe arrives in Summer Bay after learning that her ex-boyfriend Kyle Braxton (Nic Westaway) is putting together a music festival.[46] Phoebe is a singer and songwriter, who grew up with Kyle in Melbourne and was "brokenhearted" when he moved away.[46] Phoebe is billed as being "a bright, attractive and boundlessly energetic young woman".[46]

Phoebe arrives in the Bay to help her old friend Kyle Braxton arrange the school music festival. She is jealous when she sees his close friendship with his ex-girlfriend, Tamara Kingsley (Kelly Paterniti), who is also arranging the festival. She hooks up with Chris Harrington (Johnny Ruffo) for a one-night stand when she sees Kyle is not interested, and later fails to seduce Kyle. However, they reconcile when Kyle realises just how much she was hurt when he moved away from Melbourne without a proper explanation. They reconcile and start a relationship. Phoebe finds Kyle has changed since he left Melbourne and struggles with the ongoing issues the Braxtons are experiencing. She later confronts Kyle on how he has changed and he admits that he kidnapped Tamara and his half-brother Casey (Lincoln Younes) as revenge for the death of his father Danny a few years ago. Unable to come to terms with how Kyle has changed, Phoebe breaks up with him and returns to Melbourne.

Around a month later, Kyle realises that he is not truly happy without Phoebe and heads to Melbourne to find her; however, he returns days later having been unable to track her down. Phoebe later returns to Summer Bay after hearing that Kyle has been looking for her.


Date(s) Character Actor Circumstances
5 February Gavin Wheeler Ande Cunningham[48] Gavin is a social worker who visits Heath Braxton and Bianca Scott to discuss their application for custody of Heath's daughter Darcy Callahan. He comments on the fact Heath is still sharing with his brothers and questions Heath about his criminal history and the timing of his application. He informs them he will pass on his assessment to his supervisors. (The character is credited as Gavin MacIntosh but referred to as Gavin Wheeler.)
8 February–29 July 2014 Connie Callahan Celia Ireland[49] Connie is Darcy Callahan's grandmother. She meets with Heath Braxton and Bianca Scott to discuss Darcy living with them full-time. Connie contacts the Department of Community Services and is awarded full custody of Darcy. She later comes to Darryl Braxton and tells him that Heath has taken Darcy from school. Connie takes Darcy home and she has minimal contact with Heath. Darcy leaves Connie's to go to Heath and Bianca's house, and later states that she wants to be with her father. When Connie sees Heath is trying to make an effort, she decided to have Heath's name put on the birth certificate. Connie later agrees that Darcy can move to the city with Heath and Bianca.
12 February Eugene Broad Sonny Vrobao[50] Eugene is a drug dealer, who meets with Darryl Braxton. Before their deal is completed, Darryl's bother, Heath, finds a gunman outside and Eugene makes his escape. Outside, he drives his car at Brax, but Adam Sharpe pushes him out of the way, taking the full impact of the car.
13–15 February Nelson Gregory Anthony Gee[51] Nelson is Tamara Kingsley's ex-boyfriend, who comes to Summer Bay to find her. Tamara agrees to return home with Nelson, to stop him from hurting Casey Braxton. However, Kyle Braxton knocks Nelson out and helps take him to the police station. Tamara then tells the police about Nelson's part in the death of her brother and he is arrested.
13–21 February Dr Padley Nicholas Brown[52] Sid Walker visits Dr Padley, fearing that he may be having a breakdown. Padley counsels him as a voluntary patient at a clinic and Sid discharges himself after speaking with his son Dexter.
15 February– Nina Bailey Emmy Dougall[53] Nina attends the Summer Bay disco and takes a liking to Jett James. However, she is too nervous to ask him to dance. Jett comes over and asks her instead. Quite a while later, Nina and Jett start a relationship. However, they break up because Jett is persuaded by his mate VJ that Nina was stealing but they get back together when Jett sings a song to her. Nina later breaks up with Jett when her parents make her change to a boarding school after Mangrove River High students transfer to Summer Bay High. Nina comes back and she and Jett run away when their parents, particularly John Palmer, try to take her back. They end up at the farmhouse where they are eventually found by Spencer Harrington who advises them, on his own past experience, not to continue this. He then takes the pair back to John at the Surf Club and Nina goes home. She later returns to be Jett's date at John and Marilyn Chambers' wedding.
15 February–15 March Tilda Hogan Gigi Perry[53] Tilda attends a school dance at the surf club. Rosie Prichard introduces Tilda as her younger sister, Hannah, to Sasha Bezmel. Tilda later bullies Jett James into doing their joint assignment by himself. But with Maddy and Spencer's help Jett stands up to Tilda and she backs off after being humiliated in class.
15 February Olivia Fraser Tiahn Green[53] Olivia is a girl at the Summer Bay disco that Jett James attempts to ask to dance but he is unable to remember her name. After Liam Murphy has arranged for Sasha Bezmel and Rosie Prichard to dance with Jett, Olivia and her friends join them.
18–19 February, 16 April 2015– Tanya Osborne Kathryn Hartman[54] Roo Stewart invites Tanya to Summer Bay to see her daughter, Maddy and Spencer Harrington, who have moved in with Roo. Both Roo and Spencer encourage Maddy to go back home with Tanya and she agrees. However, when Tanya tries to send Maddy to boarding school in Melbourne, she returns to the Bay with Spencer. A year later, Maddy asks her mum to come to the Bay and after they catch up, she informs her mother that she has cancer. Tanya was furious at Roo for not telling her in the first place and orders her to stay away from Maddy. Tanya then convinced Maddy to come back home with her, so she could also look after her. 22–25 February Sheldon Atkinson Laurence Coy[55] Celia Stewart holds Sheldon responsible for her gambling problem and she decides to contact him. When he turns in Summer Bay to see her, Celia's brother, Alf, is not happy. Both Celia and Sheldon claim that they are going to get help for their addiction. Alf gives Celia $7000, which he was guarding for her. Sheldon tries to convince Celia that they should use the money to bet on the horses, as he has a great tip. Celia admits that she loves Sheldon, but she cannot let him gamble her money away. Sheldon then leaves the Bay alone.
28 February–1 March Ian Harrington Matt Dale[56] Ian turns up at the Caravan Park and reveals to Roo Stewart that he is Spencer's father. He demands to see his son and starts shouting at Roo, until her husband, Harvey, intervenes and asks him to leave. The following day, Roo and Harvey tell Ian that Spencer and his girlfriend, Maddy, are going to stay with them. Ian demands that Spencer comes home, but Spencer refuses and says goodbye to his father. In 2015, Ian is injured in a car accident and Chris and Spencer visit him.
13 March Weight Lifter Paul Davies[57] The weight lifter and treadmill guy are two customers at the gym who Heath Braxton gives instructions to on his first day working there.
Treadmill Guy Rob Harys[57]
14 March Aron Dawkin Nicholas Cooper[58] Aron is one of Dexter Walker's lecturers at university. Dexter introduces himself to Aron prior to a lecture, having forgotten that they met the previous day. When Aron asks him a question during the lecture, Dexter is unable to recall the answer prompting Aron to remind the class of the importance of reading the specified texts.
14 March Maureen Hogan Melanie De Ferranti[58] Maureen is the mother of Tilda Hogan. Gina Palmer calls her into school to discuss Tilda's bullying of Jett James. Maureen replies that Tilda comes from a good family and Jett is a delinquent, refusing to believe that Tilda is a bully. Gina and her husband John later overhear Maureen loudly repeating the opinion to Tilda outside the surf club.
21 March Brett Smith Oliver Edwin[59] Brett is a classmate of April Scott from uni. April invites him to the Diner for a study session but he misunderstands and thinks they are on a date. When Dexter Walker, who knows Brett from chess club, arrives, Brett realizes April is the girl Dexter has told him about and quickly leaves, telling April they should pretend it never happened.
21 March Robin Sutton Phillipe Klaus[60] Robin is a counsellor, who meets with Heath Braxton and Bianca Scott. Heath is not happy with Robin's questions and quickly leaves, but he and Bianca later return.
25 March–25 April Steph Green Zara Michales[61] Steph is a nurse at the local hospital, who befriends Dexter Walker. When Dex plays a trick on Steph, she tells him to buy her a coffee to make it up to her. Dex confides in Steph about his brother-in-law's cancer diagnosis. April Scott sees Steph and Dex together and reveals that he has a brain injury, but Steph already knows. Dex later tells Steph that he does not want to be just friends with her and they kiss. The pair embark upon a relationship but Dexter learns Steph has been making up patients' obs figures. When she refuses to stop, he reports her and she is dismissed but retaliates by alerting their supervisor to the fact they had sex in a storage cupboard when they were supposed to be working.
25 March Jake Twomey Laurence Brewer[62] Jake is one of April Scott's lecturers at university. He is impressed when she speaks passionately of doctors' need to communicate effectively with patients' relatives during a discussion on bedside manner. Afterwards, they have lunch together.
25 March Mr Andrews Colin Huxley[62] Mr Andrews is a patient at the Northern District Hospital. He draws Dexter Walker's attention to the fact his drip has fallen out, prompting Dexter to summon Steph Green to correct it.
26 March–25 April Alexander Mullens Louis McIntosh[63] Rosie Prichard begins hanging out with Mullens and his friends. She and Mullens kiss in the Diner and Sasha Bezmel tries to intervene. Sasha later overhears Mullens bragging about taking advantage of Rosie and she sees that he has made a list of all the guys who have kissed Rosie and given her a score. Sasha asks Mullens to leave Rosie alone and tips a milkshake in his lap. Mullens later takes Rosie out in his car and while they are in the backseat of his car, Mullens rapes Rosie. He is questioned by the police but there is insufficient evidence to charge him. When he taunts Rosie at school and says that no-one will touch her now, Sasha punches him. Kyle Braxton intimidates him into dropping an assault complaint against Sasha and moving school. After Lachlan Stone agrees to give evidence against him, Zac MacGuire reports that Mullens has been arrested and charged.
26 March–9 May Lachlan Stone Michael Windeyer[64] Lachlan is one of Alexander Mullens' friends. He expresses amusement when Sasha Bezmel insults Mullens. After Mullens has been accused of raping Rosie Prichard, Lachlan tries to stop him getting into an argument with her and Sasha at school. He begins watching Rosie but she runs off when he tries to talk to her. Zac MacGuire confronts him when he turns up at a self-defence class and Lachlan says he is not like Mullens. Zac visits him at the caravan park where he is staying with his father and he admits he wanted to convince himself Rosie was all right. He meets Rosie and Sasha at school, admitting he knows Mullens raped Rosie and Bella Lugarno, and reveals he has kept text messages in which Mullens admitted to the rape, agreeing to show them to the police.
4 April–24 September Constable Taylor Amy Scott-Smith[65] Constable Taylor is the police officer who takes Rosie Prichard's statement after she is raped by Alexander Mullens. She later arrests Sasha Bezmel after Mullens makes an assault complaint against her. She informs Zac MacGuire that his brother Ethan has taken out an AVO ordering Zac to stay away from his family and escorts Ethan's daughter Evelyn back to the lodge when she chooses to return to the cult.
24 April Priest Bruce Glen[22] The priest conducts Gina Palmer's funeral service.
25 April Mr Thompson Trevor Michel[66] Mr Thompson is a diabetic patient at the Northern District Hospital. Steph Green is assigned to look after him but Dexter Walker notices she is making up his obs figures.
30 April–1 May Bella Lugarno Hayley Mitchelhill-Miller[67] Bella attends a self-defence class run by Zac MacGuire and befriends Rosie Prichard. She later confesses that she was also raped by Alexander Mullens, but did not tell the police. She agrees to make a statement but is upset when the police are still unable to proceed with a case against Mullens.
8 May Caleb Van Huessen Miles Jovanoski[68] Caleb is a courier who Kyle Braxton collects a gun from on Ricky Sharpe's instructions. Ricky secretly photographs the exchange.
27 May–17 July Holly Chapman Sacha Vivian-Riding[69] Holly learns that Rosie Prichard is pregnant and comments that Rosie can hardly look after herself, let alone a child. Holly befriends Maddy Osborne and reveals that she has a crush on Zac MacGuire. She becomes jealous of Rosie receiving attention from Zac and continues to bully her. Holly's crush on Zac intensifies and she openly flirts with him, forcing Zac to tell her he was not interested. Holly behaviour continues and when she is confronted by Bianca Scott about a graphic essay she handed in to Zac, she admits that she has feelings for Zac and he feels the same way about her. Zac later finds a tearful Holly by the pier and comforts her. Holly tries to kiss Zac, who rejects her, and she reports him for sexual harassment. Holly later threatens to throw herself off a cliff, unless Zac declares his love for her. Zac manages to save Holly. Holly was then sent to hospital afterwards.
30 May–3 June Henchman 1 James Willing[70] Two of Adam Sharpe's henchmen spy on the Braxtons and kidnap Tamara Kingsley. Two henchmen later bring Ricky Sharpe to the building where Tamara is being held.
Henchman 2 Mark Norton[70]
3 June Joey Beresford Cain Thompson[71] Joey is a long-term associate of Adam Sharpe who is assigned to guard Tamara Kingsley and Adam's sister Ricky. He lets Tamara know that Ricky is aware of who he works for and makes a pass at Ricky, saying the rules have changed now she is out of favour. Ricky rejects his advances but later flirts with and kisses him, only to knee him in the groin and run out of the building, although Joey grabs Tamara before she can follow. After the incident, Adam notes he has dispensed with Joey's services.
4 June Henchman 3 Dusan Durdevic[72] Another of Adam Sharpe's henchman arrives with him at the house where Adam's sister Ricky is being held just as she runs outside shouting for help and quickly recaptures her.
4 June Mr Silver Robin Queree[72] Mr Silver is a patient at the Northern District Hospital with a badly gashed leg who Sid Walker looks after. Sid leaves April Scott to stitch the wound but Dexter Walker, checking Silver's notes and finding he is diabetic, gets her to take a full history from him beforehand.
7 June Kerry Doyle Clodagh Crowe[73] Kerry and her husband foster Rosie Prichard. Kerry is shocked to learn that Rosie is pregnant and is keeping the baby. She assumes that Rosie has a boyfriend or planned to have a child, until Bianca Scott tells her that the pregnancy is a result of sexual assault. Kerry then accompanies Rosie to her hospital appointment.
17 June Nurse 1 Isabel Goudie[74] A nurse at the Northern District Hospital informs Sid Walker that theatre is ready after Darryl Braxton is brought in with gunshot wounds.
25 June Andrea Marlowe Ellen Bailey[75] Andrea is the journalist for the Coastal News who wrote the article accusing Zac MacGuire of sexual assault. She attends the protest Maddy Osborne organises to get Bianca Scott reinstated as Summer Bay High principal. She initially takes the angle of Bianca failing to control the students, but comments from Zac and John Palmer rallying the protesters convinces her to make it a positive article.
25 June Photographer Andy Trieu[75] The photographer joins Andrea Marlowe in covering the protest organised by Maddy Osborne to get Bianca Scott reinstated as Summer Bay High principal.
8 July–29 August Nurse Liz Kelly Robinson[76] This Northern District Hospital nurse looks after April Scott when she is bitten by a snake and informs Sid Walker that his son Dexter sent the ambulance to the wrong address. She later looks after Pippa Saunders after she has had a seizure. Peta Bradley tells her to look after Maddy Osborne after she has been in a car crash.
9 July Intern Irmgard Wessels[77] A staffmember at the Northern District Hospital where April Scott is treated for an allergic reaction to anti-venom.
10–11 July Joanne Kingsley Pippa Grandison[78] Casey Braxton contacts Tamara Kingsley's parents to tell them about their daughter's memory loss. They arrive in Summer Bay to see Tamara, but worry that she will not want to see them. Joanne and Patrick show Tamara pictures from the last time they were all together and then ask her to come home with them. She initially agrees but changes her mind at the last minute, not wanting to run from her problems, and says goodbye to them.
Patrick Kingsley Jason Montgomery[78]
18–22 July Jerri Landale Fely Irvine[79] Jerri is a process server who serves Darryl Braxton with the notification that he has been subpoenaed to testify against Ricky Sharpe. She later goes to the gym and serves a similar subpoena to Casey Braxton.
23 July Peyton Tedd Paige Houden[80] Peyton is a girl staying at the caravan park who goes to the gym for a workout. She flirts with Casey Braxton and invites him to join her and her friends for a drink. When he turns up, her friends have gone to the beach and she suggests they find something more interesting to do. She goes into her van and Casey follows her.
25 July Franco Chilvers Drayton Morley[81] Franco is Bianca Scott's supervisor who welcomes her to a principals' function at Angelo's. Bianca introduces him to Zac MacGuire, who he initially believes is her fiancé until Bianca corrects him. After going to find his wife, he announces it is time to eat.
30 July–9 October 2013 David Morrell Charlton Hill[82] David is Ricky Sharpe's solicitor. He fails to reassure her and Darryl Braxton prior to her sentencing hearing when he observes that Ricky's brother Adam received a sentence of twenty-five years to life. He is present for the sentencing. He later represents Brax after he confesses to the manslaughter of Johnny Barrett and argues for mitigation, again being present at the sentencing.
1 August–26 September Peta Bradley Nadia Townsend[83] Peta is a doctor who begins work at the Northern Districts Hospital. She is initially unimpressed with medical student April Scott. She treats Casey Braxton after his alcohol poisoning and when he was in a car crash. She tells Brax about Casey's injuries. She is soon transferred and promises April that she will spend some time her family.
12 August Hotel Maitre d‍ '​ Nick Mitchell[84] The maître d' of a Melbourne restaurant. When the Braxtons turn up, he denies that Kyle has made a reservation and claims there are no tables available.
13 August–20 March 2014 Jess Lockwood Georgia Chara[85] Jess is a barmaid in a Melbourne night club. She allows Heath Braxton to use the bar phone to call his fiancée Bianca Scott. After Zac MacGuire answers and Heath assumes they are having an affair, Jess finds Heath in an alley outside the club and he kisses her. They then have a one-night stand. Months later, Jess comes to Summer Bay to inform Heath that she is pregnant. Jess gives birth to Harley on the beach with assistance from Heath and Nate Cooper. Jess later faints and tells Nate that she has stage 4 cancer, and will not live to see Harley's first birthday. A few weeks later, while Heath is looking after Harley, Jess dies.Heath drove to Melbourne with Harley to attend to Jess' funeral.
13 August Paris Wells Herself[86] Paris Wells performs in a Melbourne night club that Kyle Braxton takes his brothers to.
10 September–29 October Murray Granger Christopher Stollery[87] Murray is the leader of a cult called Sanctuary Lodge. He tries to prevent Evelyn and Oscar from leaving the camp with Zac MacGuire and Darryl Braxton. He later shows up in Summer Bay looking for the twins and he threatens to involve the police, until Oscar says he will tell the police about the beating he gave him. Evelyn later returns to the cult. Murray brings her back to the Bay to visit Oscar and he also baits Zac into becoming violent. Spencer Harrington comes to the Lodge to seek help for his bipolar disorder. After listening to Murray's ideologies, he decides that he wants to be a member. After Chris tried to bring Spencer back, he kicks Chris out. Later, Evelyn records incriminating evidence on Chris' phone about the discovery weekend and when Spencer refused to go further, Murray punches him in the face and takes him away to beat him up. Murray is later arrested by Emerson when Evelyn hands him the phone.
16 September Physio 1 Brett Clancy[88] Physios at the Northern District Hospital where Casey Braxton is treated for spinal injuries.
17 September Physio 2 Bronwyn Chilvers[89]
19 September–17 October Robyn Sullivan Alexandra Park[90] Robyn turns up in Summer Bay looking for her boyfriend, Chris Harrington. She reveals that she met Chris on holiday and is in town to win him back. She also has a one-night stand with Kyle Braxton.
30 September–9 October Debbie Barrett Olivia Pigeot[91] Debbie is Andy and Josh Barrett's mother. She helps Andy to hide after he runs Casey Braxton off the road and Darryl Braxton comes looking for him. Brax finds Debbie at an old house and Debbie tells Brax that her sons were hurt when their father Johnny left them after a botched robbery. Andy arrives and hits Brax, who then chases and catches him. Debbie defends Brax and then asks him if he knows where Johnny is, Brax says he does not. Just as Brax is about to enter the police van, Debbie steals Andy's gun and tries to shoot him, but as she fires, her son Josh is hit and she is arrested. A few weeks later, Andy came to visit her in jail.
2 October Johnny Barrett Stephen Anderton[92] Johnny was the father of Josh Barrett and stepfather of Andy, who is seen in flashback. He committed an armed robbery with Danny Braxton. After Danny was arrested, he went to the Braxtons' house demanding the money from the robbery and hit Casey. Brax met him and offered him a half share but Johnny wanted it all. Brax pushed him and caused him to fall and hit his head, killing him. It was later revealed that he was still breathing but Adam Sharpe later finished him off. His body was recovered and his personal effects are given to Josh where Brax later steals a ripped baby photo of Casey to show his mother. Cheryl confesses that Casey is Johnny's son, not Danny's.
14 October Freya Lund Ellie Gall[93] Freya is a member of Murray Granger's lodge. Murray points her out to Evelyn MacGuire as having been on a discovery weekend. When Evelyn asks her about it, Freya says it has to be approached with an open mind. When they speak in private later, however, Freya admits it was awful and tells Evelyn not to go on one.


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