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Josh Heinrichs
Josh Heinrichs in San Diego,CA at The Soundwave June 2010.jpg
Josh Heinrichs performing live in San Diego at The Soundwave
Background information
Born (1981-05-20) May 20, 1981 (age 34)
Springfield, Missouri, United States
Genres Roots reggae, reggae, reggae rock
Instruments Vocals, Rhythm Guitar
Years active 1999 -
Labels GanJah Records
Associated acts Jah Roots, Cas Haley

Josh Heinrichs is an American reggae singer/songwriter who was the former lead singer of internationally known indie reggae band, Jah Roots and current owner/operator of indie reggae record label, GanJah Records. Since leaving the band in 2008, Heinrichs has launched a solo career and released several albums.[1]


Junior Marvin of Bob Marley & The Wailers was quoted about Heinrichs, saying “Josh is one of those guys who comes along and fills his music with such an inspiration and with such energy that it translates so easily and positively to anyone hearing it. He is a rare talent in both his ability to craft a song with a certain timeless quality to it, and then, man, his voice, well, I mean, damn, the kid can sing as good as anyone out there; a bright future – that one.” [2]

Heinrichs released his first solo EP in July 2009, "Things Change" a 6 song EP on GanJah Records.

In late 2009 Heinrichs released a statement that he had recorded a full album of reggae classics and covers entitled Favorites with friend Cas Haley due to be released in 2010 via Jim Slaton and his label, Big Karma Records, but the album was being indefinitely shelved due to Jim Slaton's untimely death from a heart attack. Although songs were used from the album for both Heinrichs and Haley's 2010 albums.

In 2010 Heinrichs released a his first live and full length solo album, "Live in Hawaii" recorded from his 2009 performance at The Kulia Roots Fest in Honolulu,HI.Josh was backed by the Hawaii reggae band, Gomega for this performance.[3]

On September 28, 2010 Heinrichs released his 2nd full length solo album, Josh Heinrichs and Friends to a #4 debut on USA iTunes Best Selling Reggae Albums. The album also debuted on Amazon's Top 20 Best Selling Reggae Albums. For this album Josh worked with reggae artists including Aston Barrett, Hani Totorewa of Katchafire, Caleb Keolanui of The Green, Koko of Inna Vision, Cas Haley and more.[4]

On May 17, 2011 Josh Heinrichs third full length solo album, Jah Roots was officially released internationally, debuting as Amazon's #1 hottest selling reggae album and at #6 on iTunes(USA) Top 200 Best Selling Reggae Albums.

The "Emergency Spliff" album with Heinrichs former Jah Roots bandmate SkillinJah was officially released on August 16, 2011 and debuted at #16 on iTunes Top 200 Best Selling Reggae Albums.

"Satisfied", Heinrichs fourth full length solo album, was released on October 18, 2011 and debuted at #3 on iTunes Top 200 Best Selling Reggae Albums & as Amazons #2 hottest selling reggae album.[5]

"Reality" Heinrichs second collaboration album with his former Jah Roots bandmate, SkillinJah was released to a #6 debut on iTunes and Amazon's Top Reggae Album on January 22, 2012.[6]

In March 2012 Heinrichs brought Junior Marvin of Bob Marley and The Wailers to play lead guitar in his band for a very special one night only performance in Josh's hometown of Springfield, Missouri.[7]

In October 2012 Heinrichs brought Marlon Asher from Trinidad and Natural Vibrations from Hawaii to his hometown for his 1st annual Springfield,MO Reggae festival.

The "Rooftop Session" EP was released March 26, 2013 and immediately debuted at #1 on the iTunes Best selling reggae charts and debuted in its 1st week at #2 on the Billboard Reggae Charts.[8][9]

GanJah Records[edit]

GanJah Records is a midwest USA reggae record company founded by Josh Heinrichs and his wife, Kaytee. Writing, recording, producing and marketing independent reggae albums worldwide since 2001. To date they have released albums for Jah Roots, Josh Heinrichs, SkillinJah, 77 Jefferson and Lance Sitton and The Seed.


Josh Heinrichs and Friends

On September 28, 2010 Josh Heinrichs and Friends was released internationally on GanJah Records. The mostly duets album featured appearances by lifelong Bob Marley & The Wailers bassist Aston Barrett, Katchafire keyboardist and vocalist, Hani Totorewa, and America's Got Talent runner up, Cas Haley. The album also featured members of The Green, Inna Vision, Clear Conscience, 77 Jefferson and more.[10][11]

The album debuted at #4 on iTunes Top 200 Best Selling Reggae Albums.[12]

On January 20, 2011 the music video for "New Love" Ft. Clear Conscience was officially released via Heinrichs website, YouTube page & different reggae news websites.[13]

On February 23, 2011 the second music video/single "These Days" Ft. 77 Jefferson, from Josh Heinrichs & Friends was officially released via Heinrichs website, YouTube page & different reggae news websites.[14]

Jah Roots

On May 17, 2011 Jah Roots was released internationally on GanJah Records to a Top 10 debut on both Amazon and iTunes, actually debuting as Amazon's #1 Hottest Reggae Album. The acoustically driven album is described by Heinrichs as "A collection of his favorite songs from the albums he wrote while in the band, Jah Roots".[15][16]

Emergency Spliff

On August 16, 2011, Heinrichs' label, GanJah Records, released SkillinJah's first online album "Emergency Spliff" to a debut of #16 on iTunes Best Selling Reggae Charts. The album, a mostly acoustic reggae album, featured SkillinJah in combination with his former Jah Roots bandmate and songwriting partner, Josh Heinrichs. The album was entirely co-written by SkillinJah and Heinrichs, during a summer get together while SkillinJah had returned from his home in Brooklyn,New York to where he was raised in Missouri to visit family and friends.[17][18]


Heinrichs fifth full-length album, was released October 18, 2011. The album debuted at #3 on iTunes Top 200 Best Selling Reggae Albums and as Amazons #2 Hottest Selling Reggae Album. The 12 track album recorded with the help of a full backing band & digital riddims, featured 3 guest appearances. SkillinJah, Josh's former Jah Roots bandmate on 2 songs "Ganja" & "Fight and Fuss", Rexie Adlawan of the Hawaiian reggae band, Inity Collective, joined Josh for his first ever duet with a female, for the song "What Can I Do" and New Zealander, Regan Perry joins for the last song of the album "Cruisin".[5]

The first music video for the album, "Satisfied (acoustic version)" was released via the GanJah Records website on Nov.8th 2011.

The second music video "Crusin Ft Regan Perry" filmed entirely in New Zealand, was released November 26, 2011 via Josh Heinrichs and GanJah Records websites.

On February 19, 2012, the third music video "Ganja" Ft. SkillinJah was officially released via Heinrichs website, YouTube page & different reggae news websites.[19]


SkillinJah "Reality" was released on Jan 22nd 2012, debuting at #6 on iTunes & Amazon's Top USA Reggae Albums.

Like SkillinJah's previous album "Emergency Spliff", "Reality" was entirely co-written by SkillinJah & Heinrichs, with this album featuring a full backing band, differing to the "Emergency Spliff" which was an all acoustic album. The album received very favorable reviews from, &

On January 8, the first official music video for the first single "Skilla Dan Dem" was officially released via GanJah Records website.

Rooftop Session EP

Josh Heinrichs "Rooftop Session" EP was released March 26, 2013 debuted at #1 on the iTunes Best selling reggae charts and debuted in its 1st week at #2 on the Billboard Reggae Charts.[9][20]

High On Love EP

Josh Heinrichs "High on Love" EP was released early on July 22 via Josh's successful online campaign to fans who donated to the album recording and 2013 summer tour with Tribal Seeds. The album was officially released Aug 6, 2013 debuted at #4 on the iTunes Best selling reggae charts and debuted in its 1st week in the top 20 on the Billboard Reggae Charts.[21][22][23]

Solo touring[edit]

Heinrichs has toured successfully as a solo artist. Touring the entire USA & Hawaii multiple times. Heinrichs also toured in Guam in January 2015. Josh toured California with Ooklah The Moc in 2010 with a finale show at the world famous Roxy Theatre (West Hollywood),.[24][25] Heinrichs toured Florida and Georgia in December 2010 with MTV alumni Jimi Haha of the band Jimmie's Chicken Shack[26][27][28] [29] Heinrichs has also toured in Hawaii three times between 2009 - 2011, solo in 2009, with Cas Haley in 2010 and with J Boog and Anuhea in 2011.[30][31][32][33] In 2011 Heinrichs embarked on a coast to coast USA tour w/ Mike Pinto ending with a CD release show in DiPiazza's in Long Beach,CA.[34][35] In 2012 Heinrichs toured Florida with Bam Margera,[36] also performed at the California Roots Festival & Reggae In The Hills Festival with his GanJah Records label mates(77 Jefferson, Lance Sitton and SkillinJah)[37] and also did a special benefit performance with Kyle McDonald and C-Money of Slightly Stoopid in Seattle.[38] In May 2013 Heinrichs opened the California Roots festival with his label mates SkillinJah and 77 Jefferson.[39] In July and August he toured the midwest and east coast USA with Tribals Seeds and label mate SkillinJah[40] In March 2014 Josh performed a special 1 night show in Honolulu,HI with Father Psalms backing band at The Republik.[41] In May 2014 Josh performed again at The California Roots Festival on the main stage.[42] In 2015 Heinrichs performed at the Trenchfest Festival in Guam alongside Iration, Fortunate Youth and The Green.[43]


  • Big Hits w/ Phen (2001)
  • Steppin Out of Babylon w/ Jah Roots (2002)
  • More Herbs for the Youth w/ Jah Roots (2005)
  • Babylon Weak Heart w/ Baddaflexx w/ Jah Roots (2005)
  • Crucial (album) w/ Jah Roots (2006)
  • Joy (Jah Roots album) w/ Jah Roots (2008)
  • Things Change (2009)
  • Favorites" w/ Cas Haley unreleased(2009)
  • Live in Hawaii (2010)
  • Josh Heinrichs & Friends (2010)
  • Jah Roots (2011)
  • Emergency Spliff w/ SkillinJah (2011)
  • Satisfied (2011)
  • Reality w/ SkillinJah (2012)
  • Rooftop Session - EP (2013)
  • High on Love - EP (2013)


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