Journal of Near-Death Studies

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Journal of Near-Death Studies  
Former name(s) Anabiosis
Abbreviated title (ISO 4) J. Near Death Stud.
Discipline Near-death studies
Language English
Edited by Janice Holden
Publication details
Publisher International Association for Near-Death Studies
Publication history 1982-present
Frequency Quarterly
ISSN 0891-4494 (print)
1573-3661 (web)
LCCN 88648131
OCLC number 45254332

The Journal of Near-Death Studies is a quarterly peer-reviewed academic journal covering near-death studies that is published by the International Association for Near-Death Studies. [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] The journal's founding editor-in-chief was Kenneth Ring.[6] Subsequent editors were Bruce Greyson and Janice Holden.


The journal was established in 1982 as Anabiosis and obtained its current title in 1987 with the start of volume 6.[7] From 1997-2003 the journal was published by Kluwer Academic Publishers, but this arrangement was discontinued upon completion of Volume 21.[8]

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