Journeys to the Under-World

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Journeys to the Under-World
Cover of the English version
Author Yang Chan-ru (楊生)
Country Taiwan
Language Chinese
Genre Occult novel
Publication date
Media type Print (Paperback)

Journeys to The Under-World[1] (Chinese: 地獄遊記, pinyin: Dìyù Yóujì, lit. "Hell Story"), also called Voyages to Hell,[2] is a Chinese novel describing what Yangsheng[3] (楊生), a planchette handler, saw and heard when he followed his master Ji Gong (濟公, Jì Gōng) to Hell on the instructions of the Jade Emperor. The story is about the consequences resulting from actions during the life of a person. It contains journeys made by Ji Gong and Yangsheng to each level in hell to warn those in the living world with an evil heart. Each chapter contains detailed descriptions of their observations and interviews with souls being punished in hell.


Author is Yang, Chan-ru (楊贊儒, Yáng Zànrú), he calls himself Yangsheng(楊生) at this books. He became a buddhist monk, naming Mage Sheng-luen (聖輪法師, Shènglún Fǎshī), at 1987.

Accused of sexual assault of his female fellows, The judge at Taiwan ruled that he was guilty and he got ten years in prison in 2011. he has been in jail since 2012.[4]


According the authors, the production of these accounts were painstakingly achieved by the use of a planchette board (Chinese: Fuji) with Ji Gong as the guide and Yangsheng as the medium.[5] The details and conversations of each journey were written in Chinese characters on the planchette board during each Fuji session held in Sheng Xian Tang, a very tedious and time-consuming process. The visits were generally made at night time.

Collection of material for the book started in 1976 at the Temple of the Sages in Tai Chu, Taiwan. The project was completed and published in Chinese in 1978.[6]

There are also many other free journey books to the other worlds such as the desire realms and pure lands.[7]

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