Joy Machine

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Joy Machine
Origin Danbury, Connecticut, United States
Genres Synthpop, post-punk, new wave, alternative dance
Years active 1993–1996
Associated acts Brand New Idol
The Dossier
Past members Peter Riley
Kris Heireth
Tim Heireth
Simon Matthews


Joy Machine was an alternative synthpop band formed in 1993 by brothers Kris and Tim Heireth, a band which evolved from their earlier group effort called Heads Up Display (1988–1992). Later, Peter Riley would join as vocalist and Simon Matthews would become the groups synth programmer. Joy Machine was never signed, and never saw success until the album release of The Best That Never Was in October 2000. At this time, the group gained a dedicated following, the single "Separate Ways" becoming an online hit. By this time, Joy Machine had already dissolved, the members forming new acts. Joy Machine has since been regarded as being "internationally acclaimed" by more than one online resource.[1] As of November 2003, had recorded 177,151 plays, later dropping their bio page.[2] Joy Machine was an online phenomenon and the springboard for the success of Brand New Idol, Saintface and The Dossier, the groups that were formed as a result of that original collaboration.



2000 The Best That Never Was

Rising Fame[edit]

In 2001, Depeche Mode released their studio album Exciter. Prior to release in 2001, there was a bootleg release of the album. One of the songs in the bootleg release was titled "Turning Away", which was actually Joy Machine's "Separate Ways". While fake (not really a Depeche Mode song), the song was an immediate hit and once fans discovered the true origin of the song, additional Joy Machine tracks quickly followed in popularity.[3]

Post dissolution careers[edit]

Vocalist Peter Riley is currently the frontman for electropop group The Dossier as well as the alternative group Saintface[4]

Tim and Kris Heireth formed the group Brand New Idol in 1999.[5]

Simon Matthews is now a production sound engineer on Broadway, as well as sound designer for the Broadway production Altar Boyz[6]

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