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Green indicates Joyce Country, with pale green showing it at its greatest defined extent; Red indicates Connemara,[citation needed] with pink showing it at its greatest defined[citation needed] extent (not including those who consider anywhere west of the Corrib to be in Connemara)

Joyce Country (Irish: Dúiche Sheoighe) is a region in counties Galway and Mayo in Ireland. There are about 2,000 people living in the area. About 25% are native Irish speakers. Joyce Country lies west of the Lough Mask area, beyond the isthmus; a hilly region in the north of County Galway, extending into the southern part of County Mayo, traversed by green valleys and lonely roads which takes its name from a Welsh family who settled here in the 13th century during the reign of Edward I. Many people with the name Joyce still live there. The writer James Joyce carries the family name although he was born in Dublin in 1882.

There exists a Joyce Country Mountain and Lake District which covers the area south of Lough Mask, including the communities from Clonbur to Maam, Cloghbrack and Finney. Some sources include the balance of the isthmus, extending the region to Cong, Cross and The Neale.

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