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Vaughan City Council is the governing body of the city of Vaughan, Ontario, Canada.

Current council members[edit]

Current council members for the period 2010–2014:[1][2]

2006 Elections[edit]

On 13 November 2006, Vaughan's municipal elections were held for City Council. In the elections, Regional Councilor Linda Jackson became mayor, Gino Rosati became a Regional Councilor, and Joyce Frustaglio, having received the most votes of all regional council candidates, becomes Acting Mayor. Following amendments to the Ontario Municipalities Act, the next elections will be held four years from this date (elections were previously held every three years).


Following the November 2006 election, former mayor Michael Di Biase appealed the results of the elections citing possible errors in the ballot counting machines. The results were reviewed following a decision in his favour in Ontario Superior Court, concluding that the original result, the election of Jackson as mayor, was the correct one.[2]

Mayors of Vaughan[edit]

The head of City Council is the Mayor. A list of mayors and reeves of Vaughan includes:



  • Peter Patterson 1868–1871
  • John Gamble 1850– first reeve of the Township

Acting/Deputy Mayors[edit]

The position of Deputy Mayor (earlier called Acting Mayor) is based on the councillor receiving the greatest number of votes in a municipal election, and has included:


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