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Joyelle McSweeney (born 1976) is a poet, critic, and professor at the University of Notre Dame.[1] Her books include Nylund, the Sarcographer (Tarpaulin Sky Press, 2007), as well as Flet, The Red Bird, and The Commandrine and Other Poems, the latter three published by Fence Books. Her reviews appear at The Constant Critic and elsewhere, and her poetry has appeared in the Boston Review, Poetry magazine, Octopus Magazine, GultCult, and Tarpaulin Sky, among many other places. Along with her husband Johannes Goransson, she is the founder of Action Books which has published a number of contemporary authors including Lara Glenum, Tao Lin, Arielle Greenburg, and Hiromi Itō. She recently added to The &NOW Awards 2: The Best Innovative Writing by &NOW Books, which released in May 2013.[2]


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