Juan & Ted: Wanted

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Juan & Ted: Wanted
Directed by Al Tantay
Produced by Vicente G. Del Rosario III
Starring Janno Gibbs
Bayani Agbayani
Anne Curtis
Vanna Garcia
Richark Merk
Chubi del Rosario
Caloy Alde
Angela Velez
Carla Guevarra
Cinematography George Tutanes
Release dates 2000
Country Philippines

Juan & Ted: Wanted is a 2000 Filipino film.


Fugitives Juancho (Janno Gibbs) and Ted (Bayani Agbayani) have tried to mend their ways after they bolted jail to escape execution from the hands of Hepe (Jovit Moya) and Sgt. Langku (Boy Alano).

They have transformed themselves into productive citizens by working as a bus driver and a bus conductor, in fact, Ted as an incentive was allowed to continue with his education while Juancho works double time with his education and to aid him with his other needs in school.

They have also developed a special bond with the bus raiders whom, they later figured, had problems of their own.

So one day, they all go out of town to ease their worries.

But the parents of their children started to panic and call the attention of the school administrators.

And just when they are least expected, Hepe and Langku show up and reveal the true identities of Juan and Ted.


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