Juan Cabrillo (character)

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Juan Cabrillo
Oregon Files character
First appearance Flood Tide (1997)
Created by Clive Cussler

Juan Cabrillo is the main character in Clive Cussler's Oregon Files, a series of books based on the Oregon, a state-of-the-art vessel disguised as a rusting heap of junk. Cabrillo is the Chairman of the Corporation, and is in charge of the ship and its crew. He is a tall man (6'0) in his forties, handsome, with pixie-blue eyes, trimmed blond hair and a moustache. During a battle in Flood Tide, he lost a leg from a Chinese gunboat and has had it replaced with a high-tech prosthesis with little sign of injury, though he has confided in the ship's doctor that it causes him phantom pain. The Corporation's Magic Shop has outfitted the prosthesis with several "tools of the trade," such as a knife, that help get him out of trouble from time to time. He was once married, but his wife died while driving drunk, which makes him less of a lady's man than Cussler's other heroes, Dirk Pitt and Kurt Austin. He shares his name with a Spanish conquistador from the time of Fernando Cortez, Juan Rodríguez Cabrillo. He favors using the FN Five-seven.


The books in which Juan Cabrillo has appeared so far are:

Main characters[edit]

The main characters that have appeared alongside Cabrillo include:

  • Max Hanley - President of the corporation and Chief Engineer
  • Linda Ross - Vice President of the corporation
  • Chuck 'Tiny' Gunderson - Chief Pilot
  • George 'Gomez' Adams - R-44 Pilot
  • Julia Huxley - Medical Officer
  • Hali Kasim - Communications Specialist
  • Kevin Nixon - Magic Shop Specialist
  • Tom Reyes - General Operations
  • Franklin 'Linc' Lincoln - Ex-SEAL Light Arms Specialist
  • Mike Trono- Gundog
  • Jerry Pulaski - Gundog (deceased, sacrificed his life to ensure the escape of his team mates in The Silent Sea)
  • Richard 'Dick' Truitt - Former Vice President of the Corporation
  • Eddie Seng - Director of Shore Operations
  • Mark Murphy - Weapons specialist and Technology Specialist
  • Eric Stone - Chief helmsman and Technology Specialist
  • MacD Lawless - Gundog (first appeared in The Jungle as a replacement for Jerry Pulaski)

Langston Overholt IV also appears in the books as the CIA officer that hires the Corporation.