Juan Gómez de Mora

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Juan Gómez de Mora (1586–1648) was a Spanish architect.

Gómez was born and died in Madrid. His father, also Juan Gómez, was court painter to Philip II of Spain and brother of the architect Francisco de Mora.


In Madrid[edit]

  • Convent of San Gil (from 1613 )
  • Plaza Mayor and its surroundings, originally the houses of the Cava de San Miguel (1617-1619)
  • Project "Near Felipe IV"
  • City Council building until 1644
  • Mayors Hall and Court House
  • Jail Project, later became the Palacio Court de Santa Cruz and is currently the Foreign Ministry.
  • Augustinian Monastery of Santa Isabel, in collaboration with Jerome Lazarus Goiti ( 1639 - 1648 ).
  • Our Lady of Loreto, in collaboration with Jerome Lazarus Goiti ( 1641 - 1648 ).
  • Toledo Bridge project
  • Choir Reform Monastery of Barefoot Royals
  • Reform of the English College, on the site now occupied by the Church of St. Ignatius of Loyola
  • Palace of the Councils

Works in Getafe[edit]

  • Cathedral of the Madeleine in Getafe

Works in Alcala de Henares[edit]

  • Patio de Santo Tomas de Villanueva
  • Monasterio de San Bernardo (The Bernardas)