Juan Garaizabal

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Juan Garaizabal
Memoria Urbana Berlin.jpg
Born Juan Garaizabal Marsans
(1971-03-20) 20 March 1971 (age 43)
Madrid, Spain
Nationality Spanish
Known for Sculptor

Juan Garaizabal (born 1971 in Madrid) is a Spanish plastic artist, Garaizabal's work encompasses drawings, sculpture, light and acoustic installations, video art, and engraving. He is internationally known for his monumental public sculptures. His "Urban Memories", structures intertwining sculpture and illumination, are a recuperation of long-lost architectural elements occupying vacant, historically significant sites.

Artistic history[edit]

At 14, Garaizabal entered the IB 67drawing academy in Madrid where he studied for three years, later graduating from CESEM in Reims, France. His early work was split mainly between visual arts and the transforming of sundry spaces into lofts, a concept formally unknown in Spain. As a conceptual artist, a large part of his work has been done by hand, using such techniques as forging, carpentry, electricity, plasticity, and masonry – all skills acquired through time and experimentation. As of 2008, his main studio is in Berlin, Germany, although he maintains another in Madrid, Spain.

Public installations[edit]

Juan Garaizabal Memoria del Giardino

Personal life[edit]

Between 1998 and 2007, Garaizabal, accompanied by friends and family, travelled the length and breadth of Africa in a Mercedes Unimog. The journey was made in stages, usually one to two a year from Madrid to Cape Town. Along with his fixed residences in Berlin and Madrid, Garaizabal maintains additional temporary living and studio spaces for other projects. He is twice divorced and has two daughters, Olivia (2003) and Casilda (2004) from his first marriage.


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