Juan Jacinto Muñoz Rengel

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Juan Jacinto Muñoz Rengel
JJ Munoz Rengel.jpg
Born 1974
Malaga, Spain
Occupation Writer
Nationality Spanish

Juan Jacinto Muñoz Rengel (born 1974, in Malaga, Spain) is a Spanish writer. He is renowned in his native country for being one of the greatest short-story writers of his generation and winner of an enormous number of awards proving that very thing.


Muñoz Rengel obtained his doctorate in Philosophy, and has taught in both Spain and the UK.

In 1998 founded the literary review Estigma. Columnist and contributor for a number of relevant publications such as Anthropos, Clarín, Barcarola or El País,[1] he has received more than fifty international awards for short stories in the Spanish language and featured in two noteworthy anthologies of his generation, Pequeñas Resistencias and Siglo XXI.

He also was finalist of the Clarín Alfaguara Novel Award,[2] Argentina's most prestigious international literary prize, of which José Saramago was president of the jury, for the novel The hypochondriac killer.

Nowadays, Muñoz Rengel lives in Madrid, teaches in the Writer's Center Fuentetaja and manages a literary program in Radio Nacional de España.


His first book, 88 Mill Lane, is a selection of fantasy stories set in London, while his second short stories book, De mecánica y alquimia, Premio Ignotus Best Short Story Collection Award[3] and finalist in the Setenil Prize for best short story book, extends its settings to all Europe, from the 11th century to the next future. He won twice the La Felguera Stories Competition, one of the most important awards in the Spanish language.

He has also coordinated and prefaced the short story anthologies La realidad quebradiza, Perturbaciones and Ficción Sur.

His successful novel The hypochondriac killer is a crime fiction parody, with appearances of all famous hypochondriac writers and philosophers. It is a best seller in Spain and the publication rights have been sold in over 10 countries, including France, Italy, Mexico, Canada, Turkey, Argentina, Uruguay and Chile.


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