Juan Pedro Amestoy

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Juan Pedro Amestoy Borteiro
Coat of arms of Uruguay.svg
President of the Central Bank of Uruguay.
In office
Preceded by Jorge Echeverría
Succeeded by Carlos Ricchi
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Minister of Industry and Commerce
In office
2 April 1971 – 1 March 1972
Preceded by Julio María Sanguinetti
Succeeded by Jorge Echeverría Leúnda
Personal details
Born 20 September 1925
 Uruguay Montevideo, Uruguay
Died 12 February 2010
 Uruguay Montevideo, Uruguay
Citizenship Uruguay
Nationality Uruguyan
Occupation Politician, Public Accountant, Ambassador

Juan Pedro Amestoy Borteiro (1925–2010) was a Uruguayan accountant, politician and ambassador. He was born in Montevideo, Uruguay on September 20, 1925 and died on February 12, 2010.

Education and career[edit]

Amestoy graduated from the Faculty of Economics and Management, University of the Republic in 1957 with degree in Public Accounting.

In the public service he held the positions of advisor to the Ministry of Finance (1959-1966), Minister of Industry and Trade in 1971-1972, at the end of the presidency of Jorge Pacheco Areco. Later, at the beginning of the presidency of Juan Maria Bordaberry, he chaired the Central Bank of Uruguay (1972-1973).

He performed for 21 years in the field of diplomacy, serving as Ambassador of Uruguay in Peru (1974-1977), Egypt (1977-1980), USSR (1982-1987) and Mexico (1990-1995). He was also active at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, as Director of International Economic Affairs (1980-1982) and Chief Technical and Administrative Affairs (1988-1990).

In the area of teaching, he was Professor of Practical Courses in Finance and Public Administration (1958-1960) and Member of the Examiners Councils of Public Finance and Customs Law and International Economic Policy (1958-1961).

At the international level he was an official adviser to the Economic Commission for Latin America (CEPAL (1966-1970) and adviser to the American Council of Commerce and Production (CICYP) (1964-1966).

He authored "Stalin versus Trotsky-Largo camino hacia un asesinato (Stalin versus Trotsky-Long road to an assassination) (May 2004).