Juan de Lanuza y Garabito

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Juan de Lanuza y Garabito, Viceroy of Sicily (1495 – 1507), was the youngest of the 3 sons of Ferrer de Lanuza I, 1st Sieur of Azaila, Cosculluela, Escuer, Arguisal and Esun de Basa, who was towards 1412, Bayle General of Aragón, when there was a succession crisis in the Aragonese and who was appointed on 1 July 1439, dying in 1480, by king Alfonso V of Aragón, reigning since 1416, a "Justicia" of the kingdom, some sort of Justice, a position he would hold until December 1478.

Juan's mother was Inés deGarabito y Lanuza, his brothers were Martin, Sieur of Plasencia and Bardallur and Ferrer, Sieur of Azaila and Cosculluela, and his sister was Dianira, who married Pedro de Luna, Sieur of Illueca. He was the Sieur of Escuer, Arguisal and Essun de Basa, being a Viceroy of Valencia around 1492, later Viceroy of Catalonia, till around 1497, having been Admiral of Sicily. He married Beatriz de Pimentel and named one his children Juan de Lanuza y Pimentel, making them often confused for one another, ruling together or just in succession, the Viceroyalty of Sicily, this other Juan de Lanuza y Pimentel died in Naples, Italy, 1507.