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Judith Tarr (born 1955) is an American author, best known for her fantasy books[citation needed]. She received her B.A. in Latin and English from Mount Holyoke College in 1976[citation needed], and has an M.A. in Classics from Cambridge University[citation needed], and an M.A. and PhD in Medieval Studies from Yale University.[1][2] She taught Latin at Wesleyan University from 1990–1993.[3]

She breeds Lipizzan horses at Dancing Horse Farm, her home in Vail, Arizona[citation needed]. The romantic fantasies that she writes under the name Caitlin Brennan[citation needed] feature "dancing horses" modeled on those that she raises[citation needed].



  • The Hound and the Falcon, 1993, a collection of earlier works:
    • The Isle of Glass, Bluejay, 1985
    • The Golden Horn, Bluejay, 1985
    • The Hounds of God, Bluejay, 1986
  • Avaryan Chronicles[needs update] series:
    • The Hall of the Mountain King, Tor, 1986
    • The Lady of Han-Gilen, Tor, 1987
    • A Fall of Princes, Tor, 1988
    • Arrows of the Sun, Tor, 1993
    • Spear of Heaven, Tor, 1994
    • Avaryan Rising (omnibus of The Hall of the Mountain King, The Lady of Han-Gilen, and A Fall of Princes), Orb, 1997
    • Tides of Darkness, Tor, October 2002
    • Avaryan Resplendent (omnibus of Arrows of the Sun, Spear of Heaven, and Tides of Darkness), Tor, December 2003
  • A Wind in Cairo, Bantam Spectra, 1989
  • Ars Magica[needs update], Bantam Spectra, 1989
  • The Alamut series (set in the same universe as The Hound and the Falcon):
    • Alamut, Doubleday, 1989
    • The Dagger and the Cross, Doubleday, 1991
  • Blood Feuds (with S.M. Stirling, Susan Shwartz, and Harry Turtledove), Baen, 1993
  • Lord of the Two Lands, Tor, 1993
  • His Majesty's Elephant, Jane Yolen Books, 1993
  • Blood Vengeance (with Jerry Pournelle, S.M. Stirling, Susan Shwartz, and Harry Turtledove), Baen, 1993
  • Throne of Isis, Forge, 1994
  • The Eagle's Daughter, Forge, 1995
  • Pillar of Fire, Forge, 1995
  • King and Goddess, Forge, 1996
  • Queen of Swords, Forge, 1997
  • White Mare's Daughter, Forge, 1998
  • The Shepherd Kings, Forge, June 1999
  • Household Gods (with Harry Turtledove), Tor, September 1999
  • Lady of Horses, Forge, June 2000
  • Kingdom of the Grail, Roc, September 2000
  • Daughter of Lir, Forge, June 2001
  • Pride of Kings, Roc, September 2001
  • Devil's Bargain, Roc, September 2002
  • House of War, Roc, November 2003
  • Queen of the Amazons, Tor, April 2004
  • The White Magic series (as Caitlin Brennan):
    • The Mountain's Call, Luna, 2004
    • Song of Unmaking, Luna, 2005
    • Shattered Dance, Luna, 2006
  • Rite of Conquest, Roc, November 2004
  • King's Blood, Roc, October 2005
  • The War of the Rose series (as Kathleen Bryan):
    • The Serpent and the Rose, Tor, 2007
    • The Golden Rose, Tor, 2008
    • The Last Paladin, Tor, 2009
  • Bring Down the Sun, Tor, 2008


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