Judo at the 2000 Summer Olympics – Women's 52 kg

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Judo at the
2000 Summer Olympics
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Men Women
  60 kg     48 kg  
66 kg 52 kg
73 kg 57 kg
81 kg 63 kg
90 kg 70 kg
100 kg 78 kg
+100 kg +78 kg

These are the results of the women's 52 kg (also known as half-lightweight) competition in judo at the 2000 Summer Olympics in Sydney. A total of 24 women qualified for this event, limited to jūdōka whose body weight was less than, or equal to, 48 kilograms. Competition took place in the Sydney Convention and Exhibition Centre on 17 September.

Gold  Legna Verdecia
Cuba (CUB)
Silver  Noriko Narazaki
Japan (JPN)
Bronze  Kye Sun-Hui
North Korea (PRK)
Bronze  Liu Yuxiang
China (CHN)

Main Bracket[edit]

The gold and silver medalists were determined by the final match of the main single-elimination bracket.

Round of 32   Round of 16   Quarterfinals   Semifinals   Gold medal final
 Bye L  
  Kaiser (LIE) W       Kaiser (LIE) L  
  Devi (IND) W     Devi (IND) W  
  Jaha (BIH) L         Devi (IND) L  
  Díaz (VEN) L         Liu (CHN) W  
  Dinea (ROU) W       Dinea (ROU) L
 Bye L     Liu (CHN) W  
  Liu (CHN) W         Liu (CHN) L  
  Souakri (ALG) W         Narazaki (JPN) W  
  Clement (BEL) L       Souakri (ALG) W  
  Schmutz (SUI) W     Schmutz (SUI) L  
 Bye L         Souakri (ALG) L
  Jang (KOR) W         Narazaki (JPN) W  
 Bye L       Jang (KOR) L
  Narazaki (JPN) L     Narazaki (JPN) W  
  Baillargeon (CAN)           Narazaki (JPN) L
  Kye (PRK) W         Verdecia (CUB) W
  Wolf (USA) L       Kye (PRK) W  
  Gravenstijn (NED) W     Gravenstijn (NED) L  
 Bye L         Kye (PRK) W  
  Esseng Abollo (CMR) L         Sullivan (AUS) L  
  Tignola (FRA) W       Tignola (FRA) L
  Sullivan (AUS) W     Sullivan (AUS) W  
 Bye L         Kye (PRK) L
  Verdecia (CUB) W         Verdecia (CUB) W  
 Bye         Verdecia (CUB) W  
  León (ESP) W     León (ESP) L  
  Allan (GBR) L         Verdecia (CUB) W
  Ravaoarisoa (MAD) L         Mariani (ARG) L  
  Shih (TPE) W       Shih (TPE) L
  Mariani (ARG) W     Mariani (ARG) W  
 Bye L  


The losing semifinalists as well as those judoka eliminated in earlier rounds by the four semifinalists of the main bracket advanced to the repechage. These matches determined the two bronze medalists for the event.

1st round   Quarterfinals   Semifinals   Bronze medal finals
      Dinea (ROU) W         Dinea (ROU) L
  Dinea (ROU) W       Devi (IND) L           Kye (PRK) W
 Bye L         Dinea (ROU) W
      Souakri (ALG) L  
      Baillargeon (CAN) L
  Baillargeon (CAN) W       Souakri (ALG) W  
  Jang (KOR) L  
      Gravenstijn (NED) W         Gravenstijn (NED) L
  Wolf (USA) L       Sullivan (AUS) L           Liu (CHN) W
  Gravenstijn (NED) W         Gravenstijn (NED) W
      León (ESP) L  
      León (ESP) W
  León (ESP) W       Mariani (ARG) L  
 Bye L