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Juice Magazine, founded in 1993 in Wilmington, North Carolina, is a quarterly skateboarding, surfing and music publication, edited, owned and published by Terri Craft. It includes interviews done by skate editor Jim Murphy,[1][not in citation given] and features editors / professional skateboarders Steve Olson,[2] Jay Adams, Dave Duncan,[3][not in citation given], Christian Hosoi, James O'Mahoney,[4][not in citation given] and surf editors Jeff Ho,[5][not in citation given] Herbie Fletcher[6][not in citation given] and Dibi Fletcher. The staff includes Terri Craft, Editor, Dan Levy, Assistant Editor, and Vanessa Davey, Distribution Manager. Other interviewers include Bill Danforth[7][not in citation given] and Chris Mearkle. There are currently 70 issues of the magazine. Juice Magazine headquarters are now located in the birthplace of modern day skateboarding, Venice, California.


The magazine interviews skateboarders, surfers, and musicians. Some of the interviewees include:



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