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Jules Jurgensen is a watchmaking company. It was founded by Jürgen Jürgensen in 1740 in Denmark, when Jürgen Jürgensen went into partnership with Isaac Larpent, under the name “Larpent & Jürgensen”.

Upon Jürgens death in 1811, his youngest son Frederik took over the company and changed the name to “Frederik Jürgensen”, while his eldest son Urban started his own company under the name “Urban Jürgensen” (Jürgens middle son was adventurer Jørgen Jørgensen). Urban Jürgensen was paid by the Royal Danish government to kickstart the production of Danish marine chronometers. Urban married the daughter of Frederic Houriet in Switzerland.

After Urban Jürgensen died in 1830, his younger son Jules went to Switzerland and started his own company under the name “Jules Jürgensen Copenhagen” in 1836, and his eldest son Louis Urban Jürgensen continued the business in Denmark, now under the name “Urban Jürgensens Sønner”. Today the company Urban Jürgensens Sønner produces some of the finest watches in the world.

Jules Jürgensen produced many fine, different, and fascinating watches in Switzerland, any serious watch collector may consider to own one. Jules Jürgensen was sold to a company in the US in 1936, but the watches were still produced in Switzerland until 1957, at which time it was first documented that the watches were made by others and have their name put on them.

The company was sold to Mort Clayman in 1974, a watch distributor in the US. According to the company's website, they [Rapsody] are no longer in business.[1] In 2011, Dr. Helmut Crott, owner of Urban Jürgensen & Sønner acquired the rights from the Clayman family.


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Mort Clayman passed away in january 2010 and the company was closed by his family.