Jules Pierre Rambur

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Jules Pierre Rambur (21 July 1801 - 10 August 1870) was a French entomologist.

Rambur was born in Chinon. He studied the insect fauna of Corsica and Andalusia. He was the author of Histoire naturelle des insectes (1842). He died in Geneva.


  • Catalogue des lépidoptères insectes Néuroptères de l’île de Corse (1832)
  • Faune entomologique de l’Andalousie (two volumes, 1837-1840)
  • Histoire naturelle des insectes( part of the Suites à Buffon, 1842)
  • Catalogue systématique des Lépidoptères de l’Andalousie (1858-1866).


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