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Julia Colt Pierson Emmet (1829-1908) was an American illustrator and painter.[1]

Julia was the daughter of Josiah G. Pierson and Julia Colt. She studied art with Daniel Huntington.[2] Julia was married to William Jenkins Emmet, a grandson of Thomas Addis Emmet. The couple had ten children. A daughter Julia Colt Emmet died young. Children who lived into adulthood were Robert Temple Emmet (1854-1936), Rosina Emmet Sherwood (1854-1948)(twin), William LeRoy Emmet (1858-1941), Devereux Emmet (1861-1934), Richard Stockton Emmet (b.1863), Lydia Field Emmet (1866-1952), Jane Emmet de Glehn (1873-1961), Christopher Temple Emmet (1868-1957), and Thomas Addis Emmet (b.1870).[3]

Robert Temple served in the army and was awarded the Medal of Honor. Rosina was a painter and the mother of playwright Robert E. Sherwood. William was an electrical engineer and the leading advocate of the electrical propulsion of ships by turbine. Devereux was a pioneering golf course architect and amateur golfer. Lydia and Jane were prominent portraitists.

Julia died on September 26, 1908.[4]


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