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Julia Gomelskaya
Native name
  • Russian: Юлия ГОМЕЛЬСКАЯ
  • Ukrainian: Юлія Гомельська
Born (1964-03-11)11 March 1964
Saratov, USSR
Nationality Ukraine
Occupation Composer of symphony, chamber, choir and vocal music

Julia Gomelskaya born March 11, 1964; (Russian: Юлия Александровна Гомельская, Ukrainian: Юлія Олександрівна Гомельська[1]) is a Ukrainian composer of contemporary classical music.


Julia Gomelskaya graduated from the Simpheropol Tchaikovsky Musical College as a pianist and studied composition under professor Oleksandr Krasotov at the Odessa National A.V.Nezhdanova Music Academy[2] (Ukraine), where she is now a professor of composition. In 1994 Julia participated at the Gaudeamus Foundation workshop (Amsterdam) with prof. Ton de Leeuw and prof. Nigel Osborne. Later she was awarded a fellowship by the Guildhall School of Music and Drama (London) for postgraduate study[3] under professor Robert Saxton. In 1996 she has received the MMus Degree in Composition with distinction[4] validated from City University of London. She has a PhD in Music Art. Author of symphonic, ballet, chamber and vocal music. She is a member of the National Ukrainian Composers' Union (Національна Спілка Композиторів України)[5] and of the Ukraine section of ISCM.

Julia Gomelskaya has participated in international festivals in Ukraine and abroad including ISCM World Music Days (Zagreb 2011,[6] Sweden 2009,[7] Switzerland 2004,[8] Hong Kong 2002,[9] Luxembourg 2000[10]), XXVI Festival “Trieste Prima” (Italy, 2012), Festival UNICUM[11] in Ljubljana (Slovenia) 2012, 48 la Biennale di Venezia 2004,[12] FMF Schweiz 2000, 2002, 2003, 2009 (Switzerland), Spitalfields Festival 1996, 1997, Opera and Theatre Lab 1996,[13] Mayfield Festival 2000 (UK). Her music was performed at Wigmore Hall, Purcell Room (London, 1998, 2001, 2002), "Gran Teatre del Liceu"[14](Barcelona, 2002). In 2008 her ballet "Jane Eyre"[15] was staged by London Children's Ballet at the Peacock Theatre, London.


  • the 1st prize at the 2nd International Composition Contest of Comines (Belgium, 2003),
  • the 1st prize at the 35th Concours International de Chant Choral Florilege de Tours, France, 2006.[16]
  • Laureate of the Boris Liatoshyns’kyj Prize ru:Лятошинский, Борис Николаевич (Лятошинский Борис Николаевич) of the Ukrainian Ministry for Culture and Arts (2011).[17]
  • Laureate of Odessa Municipal Prize 2006.[18]

List of works[edit]

List of works from the Official Site of Julia GOMELSKAYA

  • "Magnit" Symphony №3 for symphony orchestra (picc.\\3 perc.\harp\strings)
  • "Jessenin-Pastelle" for bass-baritone, bajan[disambiguation needed] and piano, poems by Sergej Jessenin (in German)
  • Two songs for female choir on folk Ukrainian texts: “Lulli vid Yuli” (lullaby) and “Kucheriava Kateryna”
  • "Alleluia Festivo" for female choir
  • “DiaDem-Viva-Di” (N4) for bajan[disambiguation needed] and piano
  • "Trace of…" version for violin and piano
  • "Trace of…" version for violoncello and piano
  • "Three Ascents to the Identity" for chamber ensemble (flute, clarinet, viola, violoncello, trombone, piano and percussion)
  • "Major-Major" for brass quintet (2Trpts.Hrn.Trne.Tuba)
  • "in the stream of pulsed LYRA" Chamber symphony for string orchesta (Vn9.Va3.Vc3.Db1)
  • “Vyjdy, vyjdy, Ivanku” transcription of folk song for brass quintet
  • “Vyjdy, vyjdy, Ivanku” transcription of folk song for trumpet quintet
  • “Vyjdy, vyjdy, Ivanku” transcription of folk song for wind quintet
  • "WINTER PASTORAL" for trumpet quintet
  • "Writing to Onegin. One more try" version for female voice, viola, cello, marimba and harp, poems by Ruth Padel (in English)
  • "Writing to Onegin. One more try" for female voice and cello, poems by Ruth Padel (in English)
  • SYMPHONY #2 “UKRAINE FOREVER” for symphony orchestra (picc.\\3 perc.\pno\harp\strings)
  • Flashbacks Of a Tired Popstar novels for bass-baritone, violin and piano, poems by Karl Maria Kinsky (in English, German)
  • Wings of East Wind for flute, clarinet, violin, violoncello and piano
  • “DiaDem” N3 for bandura and bajan
  • Concerto grosso for violin and string orchestra
  • ukRAINian BALLAD for soprano and tuba
  • “Trace of Trumpet” for trumpet and piano
  • “Charms of a Lonely Fiery Bird or Well Digitized Bandoura” for bandura and electronics
  • Jab-Jazz for trombone, piano and 1 percussion player
  • CONCERT for piano and string orchestra
  • “AtomAnatomy” for cl, bass-cl, soprano-sax, alto-sax, 1 perc. player, p-no, acc-n, two v-ns, v-la, v-c and d-bass
  • “STRIMPELLATA-Sounds” Сhamber Symphony for flute, oboe,clarinet, bassoon, horn, two violins, viola, cello and double-bass
  • “the only hint…” for clarinet in B
  • “Through Crystals of Gothic Mosaic” for flute\alto-flute, violoncello, piano
  • “Calling the Sun” for 2 pianos
  • “O Vstrechnom”-message for piano
  • “Vyjdy, vyjdy, Ivanku” transcription of folk song for mixed choir(SATB),(in Ukrainian)
  • “GUTSULKA-DANCE” version for 2 pianos and 2 percussion players
  • “GUTSULKA-DANCE” for piano and one percussion player
  • “Whispering, speaking, singing…” for mixed choir (SATB)(in English, in Ukrainian)
  • “UKRAJINOCHKA” for piano
  • “dive deep in a rhythm-risk-riot…” for violin, violoncello and piano
  • “RHYTHMUS” version for cello and piano
  • “RHYTHMUS” for double bass and piano
  • “MY SISTER-NIGHT” for mezzo, flute\alto-flute, piano poems by Dollie Radford (in English)
  • “SymPhoBia” symphony for orchestra
  • "WINTER PASTORAL" version for vocal quartet, verses by Boris Pasternak, translation by L.Pasternak-Slater(in English)
  • “DiaDem” N2 for violin and cello
  • “DiaDem” for flute and piano
  • “the only hint…” for flute solo
  • “CARL & CLARA" for clarinet and piano
  • “VITAE MUSICA” (concert of symbols) for mixed choir and piano(2 players), poems by Roman Brodavko (in Ukrainian, in English)
  • “EcHorn” for horn player and piano
  • “OUT OF GRAVITATION” for soprano, flute\alto-flute and piano, poems by Gwyneth Lewis (in English)
  • “THE RIOT” for big wind ensemble, version for wind symphony orchestra
  • “THE TRIUMPH OF ADRENALINE” for trombone and percussion
  • "DiaDem” for flute and harp
  • “BARVA” for bandura solo
  • “THE TRAP FOR TWO” for saxophones soprano and alto
  • “…herbarium…music of recalls…” for violin, viola, cello
  • “BEHIND THE SHADOW OF SOUND” for violin and bayan
  • “DABUBA-PA” for violin solo
  • "THE DIVINE SARAH" opera-scene for mezzo-soprano and piano, libretto by Michael Irwin (in English)
  • "SYNOPSIS OF SYMMETRIES" for flute, violin, viola & cello
  • “SEVEN TOUCHES” for piano
  • "ZIG-NET-ZAG" for clarinet/bass clarinet, cello and two pianos
  • "ITHRON-PHONIUM" for symphony orchestra
  • "JANE EYRE" ballet for small symphonic orchestra
  • "FROM THE BOTTOM OF THE SOUL" string quartet
  • "WAITING" for mezzo-soprano and piano, verses by Jennie Fontana (in English)
  • "MEMENTO VITAE" for small symphony orchestra
  • "FLUTE VER-INVERSIONS" for flute and tape
  • "KURT-REMINISCENCES" for wind orchestra
  • "TEAR-STAINED AUTUMN" for soprano and piano, verses by Anna Akhmatova (in Russian)
  • "SENTIMENTAL SERENADE" for bassoon and piano
  • "BAGATELLE" for horn and piano
  • "WINTER PASTORAL" for choir a cappella, verses by Boris Pasternak (in English)
  • "FORGOTTEN RITUAL" for chamber ensemble
  • "N-QUARTET" for string quartet
  • "DIPHONIUM" for ten instruments
  • "FLORIDAS" for small symphony orchestra
  • ”PHONIUM-FOLK" for flute, violin, cello and piano
  • "SAXONOME.APOLOGIA" for alto-saxophone and ensemble
  • "UNWHISPERED WORDS" chamber cantata for soprano, flute and piano, verses by Olena Matushek(in Ukrainian)
  • "EXLIBRIS" for violin and symphony orchestra
  • "SPRING VERSES" chamber cantata for children's choir, violin, percussion and piano(in Ukrainian)
  • "IN MODO SKETCH" for cello and piano
  • "POEM-OVERTURE" for symphony orchestra
  • "IN OPPOSITION" string quartet
  • Fantasia on themes of "Porge and Bess" opera by George Gershwin for violin, cello and piano
  • "SHOUT" chamber cantata for baritone, violin, cello and piano, prose by Yurij Bondarev (in Russian)
  • Sonata for violin and piano


Her commissions include:

  • the ballet Jane Eyre for the London Children's Ballet which received its first performance at the Wimbledon Theatre (London) in May 1997
  • From the Bottom of the Soul string quartet for the Spitalfields Festival 1997 (London) for the Yggdrasil Quartet[3]
  • Waiting for British mezzo-soprano Sarah Walker and Malcolm Martineau for the Wigmore Hall 1997/98 season in London
  • The Divine Sarah opera-scene for British mezzo-soprano Sarah Walker for the Mayfield Festival 2000
  • Zig-Net-Zag for the Ensemble Klangheimlich for the concert programmes for 1999 in Berne and Zurich (Switzerland)
  • Seven Touches for piano for Franziska Rieder, 2000 (Switzerland)
  • The Riot for the Guildhall School of Music and Drama wind orchestra by BASBWE Education Trust[19] for the British Music Academies Festival 2001 (London, UK)
  • Out of Gravitation (2002) for Amaltea Ensemble[20] (Switzerland)
  • The hint only... for Mario Caroli for Spaziomusica Festival 2003 (Italy)
  • Winter Pastoral (2004) for Vox Vocal Quartet (Sweden)
  • My sister-night (2004) for Amaltea Ensemble[20] (Switzerland)
  • Through Crystals of Gothic Mozaic (2006) for Amaltea Ensemble[20] (Switzerland)
  • Strimpellata-Sounds chamber symphony (2007) for La Strimpellata Ensemble (Switzerland)
  • ukRAINian BALLAD (2008) for Franziska Welti[21] and Leo Bachmann[22] (Switzerland)
  • Trace of Trumpet (2008) for the "V International Myron Starovetskyi Competition for young trumpeters "Competition trumpeters"[23] (Ukraine)
  • Flashbacks of a Tired Popstar (2010) for Rupert Bergmann[24] (Austria)
  • Writing to Onegin. One More Try (2011) for female voice and cello for Franziska Welti[21] and Moritz Müllenbach (Switzerland)
  • Three Ascents to the Identity (2012) for chamber ensemble for MD7 Ensemble [25] for Festival UNICUM (Ljubljana, Slovenia, 2012) and XXVI Festival “Trieste Prima” (Italy, 2012)


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