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Julian Stockwin
Julian Stockwin.jpg
Born 1944
Basingstoke, Hampshire, England  UK
Occupation Novelist
Genre Historical action-adventure
Notable works Kydd, Artemis, Seaflower, Mutiny, Quarterdeck, Tenacious, Command, The Admiral's Daughter, Treachery, Invasion, Victory, Conquest, Betrayal, Pasha

, The Silk Tree

, Stockwin's Maritime Miscellany

Julian Stockwin (born in 1944 in Basingstoke, Hampshire, England) is an author of historical action-adventure fiction. As well as the Kydd Series he has written a stand-alone novel The Silk Tree to be published in November 2014.


Born in 1944, Stockwin soon developed a love for the sea. Having an uncle, Tom Clay, who was a seaman in square-rigged ships and had sailed around Cape Horn in the Cutty Sark, the sea was in his blood.[1]

After grammar school, his father sent him to sea-training school at Indefatigable at age 14. He joined the Royal Navy at 15 and transferred to the Royal Australian Navy when his family emigrated.[2] Stockwin served eight years, and was eventually rated petty officer.

Stockwin attended the University of Tasmania to read Far Eastern studies and psychology. He did post-graduate work in cross-cultural psychology. He got involved in the manufacture and design of computers and software development. Returning to the navy and the Royal Navy Reserve, Stockwin was honoured with an MBE and retired as Lt Commander.[1]

Julian in front of HMS Victory

He returned to the United Kingdom in 1990 and started to write in 1996. Naturally the subject was the sea. He currently resides in Ivybridge, Devon.


Thomas Kydd series[edit]

  1. Kydd (2001)
  2. Artemis (2002)
  3. Seaflower (2003)
  4. Mutiny (2004)
  5. Quarterdeck (2005)
  6. Tenacious (2005)
  7. Command (2006)
  8. The Admiral's Daughter (2007)
  9. Treachery (2008) (US title "The Privateer's Revenge")
  10. Invasion (2009)
  11. Victory (2010)
  12. Conquest (6/2011)
  13. Betrayal (10/2012)
  14. Caribbee (10/2013)
  15. Pasha (10/2014)

Other Historical fiction[edit]

  1. The Silk Tree (11/2014)

Non-fiction works[edit]

  1. Stockwin's Maritime Miscellany (2009)


"In Stockwin’s hands the sea story will continue to entrance readers across the world." The Guardian.[3]

"Another thundering good read for those who love seagoing stories in the Hornblower mould" Peterborough Evening Telegraph on TREACHERY

"Another ripping yarn" Good Book Guide on TREACHERY

"I was turning the pages almost indecently fast" Independent on KYDD

"Stockwin paints a vivid picture of life aboard the mighty ship-of-the-line...the harsh naval discipline, the rancid food, and the skill of the common sailor are all skilfully evoked." Daily Express on KYDD

"Stockwin is a born storyteller and a man with a vivid imagination. Importantly, his research is accurate and first class." Flagship on TREACHERY

"More historically accurate than the Patrick O'Brian series." Royal Navy Sailing Association journal on the KYDD series


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