Julie Cobb

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Julie Cobb
Rosetti Ryan 1977.JPG
Cobb with Squire Fridell (left) and Tony Roberts (right) in 1977.
Born Julie Frances Cobb
(1947-05-29) May 29, 1947 (age 68)
Los Angeles, California, U.S.
Occupation Actress
Years active 1968–present
Spouse(s) James Cromwell (1986–2006)
3 other previous husbands

Julie Cobb (born May 29, 1947, Los Angeles, California) is a longtime American actress, the daughter of actor Lee J. Cobb and actress Helen Beverley.[1]


She played the matriarch of the Pembroke family on the first season of the television sitcom Charles in Charge, and appeared on the short-lived television series The D.A.. She has had a career ranging for over forty years which mostly consists of guest appearances on television shows. Her first role was as a guest star on an episode of Star Trek: The Original Series entitled "By Any Other Name", which was first broadcast on February 23, 1968. She was the only female Redshirt to be killed in the original run of the show.

Her film career included roles in The Second Coming of Suzanne (1974), Just You and Me, Kid (1979), The Runnin' Kind (1989), Lisa (1990) and Dr. Jekyll and Ms. Hyde (1995). She also appeared in the TV movie versions of Salem's Lot (1979) and Brave New World (1980). As a stage actress, she won the L.A. Drama Critics Award for her role in a stage production of Arthur Miller's play After the Fall.

Personal life[edit]

She has been married four times. Her fourth husband was the noted actor James Cromwell whom she married on May 29, 1986; the marriage ended in divorce in 2005.[2]


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