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Julius Kay (born Julius Kateega on 14 January 1979)[1] Some Times Called Eyakoowa is a Broadcaster of Ugandan descent. He is best known in Uganda as a Programmes Director / Radio Presenter[2] on 91.2 Crooze Fm. Julius became one of the Youngest Radio Managers in the country managing Ssuubi Fm since 2008 when he was just 29 years![3] He is now Programmes Director at Mbarara based 91.2 Crooze Fm. Julius Is also the propriotor of the controversial social network www.ugatube.net and CEO of Techsys Ltd.[4]


Julius Kay was born Julius Kateega on 14 January 1979[5] to William & Robinah Kateega in Jinja (Busoga Kingdom)[6] Uganda. He grew up in a Christian family in Jinja, Eastern Uganda and went to Kiira College Butiki for high school.[7]

In September 2000, Julius joined Makerere University to pursue a bachelor’s degree in Social Sciences. While In Makerere University Mitchell Hall he became Information Minister[8] where he got the desire to Join the media. First acting as a news editor for the Makererian a university News Paper[9] Julius would later Join Kiira Fm as a sports Presenter in 2003 after his graduation rising in rank to the position of Producer.

According to the red pepper Tuesday 8 February 2011 Julius Kay is married to ex-minister Bitamazire's daughter with whom he has a son[10]


After his First Degree at Makerere University, Kay took a presentetion Job at the Jinja Based Kiira Fm Radio where he stayed till 2005 where he gained his experience in the media industry. He trained as a researcher and radio Producer. Julius tried unsuccessfully to join Ddembe Fm in 2005 before he joined the Pearl of Africa Music Awards as an event planner and Technical Support following his completion of a diploma in Information Technology.

In early 2006 Julius Joined Radio Simba (a leading Luganda radio station) while he still worked for PAM Awards. He worked at Simba until Central Broadcasting Services a Buganda Radio Station took him Up as a media consultant making him one of the youngest media consultant in the country in 2007.[11]

During a training session for CBS radio in 2007 He met Ahmed Bogere Masembe a seasoned radio presenter and Journalist whom he impressed and when the later formed his own radio station Ssuubi Fm in 2008 made Kay his Radio Manager.[12]

In 2009 Kay started a Local Countdown Music Chart Show at what seemed an odd hour in a country where music chart shows are predominantly in the evening. The 20 - 1 Count down was to air at Noon for two hours til 2pm. To date, he has transformed it into one of the leading Music chart shows[13] in the country as a surprisingly early hour when you consider the radio trends in Uganda.

As a Programmes Director for 104.9 Ssuubi Fm Julius has proven he understands local media so much turning the station in into the best Vernacular radio stations in the country.[14] So much for a lad that has never got formal training in Mass communication[15]!

In September 2009, Kay started the controversial social networking website www.ugatube.net. The website attracted a lot of criticism for being a Facebook look alike. The young entrepreneur however did not relent. The networking site is currently the leading social networking site to ever come out of Uganda with over 1,710 views daily.[16] His integration of music download and streaming into a Facebook-like site has endeared many youths especially the Ugandans in the diaspora. The website also streams several radio stations from Uganda.

In a multi-tasking manner that not many Ugandans can afford, Julius has continued to write for the New Vision a leading daily in Kampala, The weekender a weekly in Kampala while Manning www.ugatube.net, Techsys Ltd, as well as Manager Ssuubi Fm where he also works as their Music Director.

91.2 Crooze Fm[edit]

According to sources from his former workplace, In Early December 2011, Julius Kay resigned his Job at the Namirembe based Ssuubi fm to start a radio with long time friend Andrew Mafundo in Mbarara. He assumed duties in January 2012 as a programmes Director for the pure English radio station in the land of milk.

Personal Interests[edit]

Julius Kay is a soccer fanatic. He supports Manchester United Football Club. He plays chess, tennis and Scrabble. The 32 year old is among the brains behind the raging sports betting business in Uganda.[17] He teamed up with Sms Empire to set up one of the most respected Betting Tips sms service in the country.

Julius is a strong advocate of mother and children rights. He is the producer of Kids voice and Mothers of Hope[18] on Ssuubi Fm one of the best children and mothers rights advocacy radio shows in the country airing on Sundays 10-11Am and 2-4Pm Respectively on 104.9 Ssuubi Fm. Mothers of Hope programme also falls in line with achievement of the 3rd United Nations Millennium Development goal, "Eliminate gender disparity in primary and secondary education preferably by 2005, and at all levels by 2015" as well as Uganda’s effort to achieve the same. The aim is to advocate for equal rights of men and women in Uganda.


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