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Julius Meinl International (German: Julius Meinl AG, Meinl-Gruppe), also known simply as Julius Meinl, is a manufacturer and retailer of coffee, gourmet foods and other grocery products. The company is based in Vienna, Austria. It is named after its founders Julius Meinl I, and Julius Meinl II.

Julius Meinl III ceded control of the company to his son in 1987. The retail division of the group, except the high-profile flagship store in downtown Vienna, was sold to Rewe by Julius Meinl V in 1998/1999.

Later the company's name was changed to Ragusa Beteiligungen[citation needed], and the company was delisted from the Vienna Stock Exchange in February 2007.

Julius Meinl operates three coffee shops in the U.S.A., all three on the North Side of Chicago, Illinois.

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