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June 30 - Eastern Orthodox Church calendar - July 2

All fixed commemorations below are celebrated on July 14 by Old Calendar.[note 1]

For July 1st, Orthodox Churches on the Old Calendar commemorate the Saints listed on June 18.


Pre-Schism Western Saints[edit]

  • Saint Martin of Vienne, third Bishop of Vienne in France (c. 132)[13][14]
  • Martyr Potitus at Naples (161)[15]
  • Martyrs Julius and Aaron, Protomartyrs of Wales, suffered in Caerleon-on-Usk under Diocletian (304)[13][14]
  • Saints Castus and Secundinus, much venerated in the south of Italy; they were born in Sinuessa (Mondragone) near Caserta (305)[13][14]
  • Saint Domitian (c. 337-440)[13][14][note 8]
  • Saint Theodoric (Thierry, Theodericus), Abbot of Mont d'Or near Rheims in the north of France; priest and disciple of the blessed Bishop Remigius (c. 533)[13][14]
  • Saint Carilefus (Calais), a companion of St Avitus, founded the monastery of Anisole in Maine in France (c. 536)[13]
  • Saint Gal I (Gallus of Clermont), a monk who was ordained deacon by St Quintian, Bishop of Clermont; was uncle and teacher of St Gregory of Tours (c. 553)[13][14]
  • Saint Leonorius (Léonor, Lunaire) (c. 570)[13][16][17][note 9]
  • Saint Eparchius (Cybar), born in a noble family in Périgord in France, he renounced his title to become a monk at Sessac in Gaul (581)[13][14]
  • Saint Serf (Servanus), the Apostle of West Fife in Scotland who reposed and was buried in Culross (c. 583)[13]
  • Saint Veep ((Veepus, Veepy, Wimp, Wennapa), patron saint of St Veep in Cornwall (6th century)[13]
  • Saint Cewydd, a saint of Anglesey in Wales and at Lancaut in Gloucestershire in England (6th century)[13]
  • Saint Juthware, sister of St. Sidwell; she was of British descent and lived in Devon in England (7th century)[13]

Post-Schism Orthodox Saints[edit]

New Martyrs and Confessors[edit]

  • New Hieromartyr Arcadius Garyaev, priest (1918)[21][22]
  • New Hieromartyr Alexis Drozdov, deacon (1942)[21][22]

Other Commemorations[edit]

Icon Gallery[edit]


  1. ^ The notation Old Style or (OS) is sometimes used to indicate a date in the Julian Calendar (which is used by churches on the "Old Calendar").
    The notation New Style or (NS), indicates a date in the Revised Julian calendar (which is used by churches on the "New Calendar").
  2. ^ The Unmercenary Saints Cosmas and Damian of Rome should not be confused with the Unmercenary Saints Cosmas and Damian of Asia Minor (November 1), or the Unmercenary Saints Cosmas and Damian of Arabia (October 17).[2]
  3. ^ The St. Hilarion Calendar of Saints references them as follows: "At Nicomedia, Holy 2025 Martyrs."[4]
  4. ^ Likely the same saint as the one commemorated on December 27.[7]
  5. ^ According to his notice in the Synaxarion of Constantinople, Peter was the son of the patrikios and strategos Constantine, and was born during the reign of Irene and Constantine VI (780-796). He also became a patrikios and domestikos ton scholon; the emperor Nikephoros I (802-811) appointed him domestikos ton Hikanaton. He was taken prisoner after the Byzantine defeat by the Bulgarians in 811, but escaped with the supernatural aid of John the Theologian. He retired from military life and took the monastic habit on Mt. Olympos as a disciple of Ioannikios the Great. After 34 years of ascetic life (i.e., c. 845) he returned to Constantinople and resided in a hut near the church he built in the Evandrou quarter. He died eight years later, c. 853.[10]
  6. ^ The Venerable Basil came from Cappadocia, and lived at the time of Emperor Constantine Porphyrogenitus (901-959). He was the son of Leo the Philosopher and Zoe.
  7. ^ The Synaxarion reports that he lived in the nude due to his severe asceticism, and died peacefully.
  8. ^ Born in Rome and orphaned when young, he became a monk at Lérins in the south of France. Later he founded the monastery of Bebron, now St Rambert de Joux.
  9. ^ A son of Hoel, King of Brittany, but born in Wales. A disciple of St Illtud of Wales, he was ordained by St Dubricius, and crossed to Brittany in early life. Once in Brittany, he founded the monastery of Pontual, near Saint-Malo.
  10. ^ Note, another one of these 300 Allemagne Saints, who came to Cyprus from Palestine, and lived as ascetics in various parts of the island, is: "Venerable Abbacum the Ascetic of Cyprus, Wonderworker (late 12th century)", who is commemorated on December 2.
  11. ^ St. Angelina is also commemorated on December 10 with her husband St Stephen and her son St John.


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