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July 1, 2002[edit]

  • A Russian Tupolev Tu-154 airliner and a Boeing 757 operated by DHL collide at 35,000 ft over Überlingen, due to failure of correct communication from ground-to-air. The 69 people aboard the Tupolev (mainly Russian schoolchildren) and the two pilots of the Boeing are all killed.

July 2, 2002[edit]

July 3, 2002[edit]

July 5, 2002[edit]

July 8, 2002[edit]

July 9, 2002[edit]

July 10, 2002[edit]

July 11, 2002[edit]

July 14, 2002[edit]

July 15, 2002[edit]

  • John Walker Lindh, the so-called "American Taliban", pled guilty to two charges, and prosecutors dropped the rest. He will be sentenced in October.

July 18, 2002[edit]

July 22, 2002[edit]

July 23, 2002[edit]

July 24, 2002[edit]

July 25, 2002[edit]

  • A proposal by the United States to delay adoption of a new United Nations anti-torture pact was defeated 15–29, after which the pact was adopted by the Economic and Social Council. The United States cited concerns that, if adopted by the General Assembly, American state prisons and other facilities may become subject to inspection.
  • Open source: Streaming media company RealNetworks has announced that it will support the free software Ogg Vorbis audio compression technology as part of its new open-source initiative. This will provide a mass market for the Vorbis technology, allowing it access to network effects which may make it a serious competitor to Microsoft's closed technologies.

July 27, 2002[edit]

July 28, 2002[edit]

July 29, 2002[edit]

  • England beats India in the first cricket Test match of the series.

July 30, 2002[edit]

July 31, 2002[edit]