July Morning (song)

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"July Morning"
Single by Uriah Heep
from the album Look at Yourself
Released October 1971
Genre Progressive rock
Length 10:32
Label Bronze
Writer(s) David Byron, Ken Hensley
Producer(s) Gerry Bron
Uriah Heep singles chronology
"Spider Woman"
"July Morning"

"July Morning" is a song by Uriah Heep. It is the third track of their 1971 album Look at Yourself.

The song was written by the band's keyboardist Ken Hensley and original lead singer, David Byron. Approximately the last four minutes of the piece consist of an (accompanied) organ solo, serving as a fine example of Hensley's keyboard talents. The "odd" sounding calliope riffs are actually Manfred Mann, who according to the album's liner notes "Appears for the first time with his Moog synthesizer".The song also has been released as a single from Uriah Heep's first ever live album Uriah Heep Live.[1]

The song is written in the key of C minor, and is played with six chords: Cm, Fm, Bb, Fb, G and Ab. The song has four verses and four choruses, starting with an organ intro and then continuing with a guitar opening solo. There is a guitar bridge between first part and second part of song.[2]

Dave Thompson in AllMusic described the song as the best produced by Uriah Heep, with a "magnificent arrangement and performance",[3] and in 1995, Radiomafia added "July Morning" to their list of "Top 500 Songs".[4]

"July Morning" was published in Look at Yourself album and Japan, Venezuela,[5] and the United States(live version),published in addition to singles,many of the band's live and a collection of albums.[6] In addition, South Korea has been published bearing the name of the song the band's compilation album.In 2009 the band has released new version of the song in album "Celebration".[7]

Manager Gerry Bron thought Manfred Mann not only played an important part in the composition, but also played a crucial role in its development.[8]


  • German heavy metal guitarist Axel Rudi Pell covered this song on his album The Masquerade Ball in 2000.
  • John Lawton covered this song on one of his live concerts.
  • On BBC Radio's The Friday Rock Show Tommy Vance played "July Morning" in tribute of David Byron.
  • Every year on 30 June in Bulgaria people from all over the country travel to the Black Sea coast to watch the sunrise on 1 July. During the event people often sing "July Morning".
  • Polish band Kult covered this song on remastered version of album Kaseta.

Appearances in other albums[edit]

The song has been appeared in many of Uriah Heep live,compilation,video or even studio albums since it has been recorded.[1]

  • "Uriah Heep Live" in 1973
  • "The Best of Uriah Heep" in 1976
  • "Live in Europe" in 1987
  • "Live in Moscow" in 1988
  • "The Collection" in 1989
  • "Still 'Eavy Still Proud" in 1994
  • "Platinum:The Ultimate Collection" in 1995
  • "A Time of Revelation" in 1996
  • "The Best of...Part 1" in 1996
  • "King Biscuit Flower Hour Presents Uriah Heep in concert" in 1997
  • "Rock Progression" in 1998
  • "Classic Heep:An Anthology" in 1998
  • "Three Classic Albums:...Very 'Eavy ...Very 'Umble,Salisbury,Look at Yourself" in 1998
  • "The Best of Pts. 1-2" in 1999
  • "Travellers in Time:An Anthology Vol.1" in 1999
  • "Future Echoes of the Past" in 2001
  • "20th Century Masters:The Millennium Collection:The Best of Uriah Heep" in 2001
  • "Electrically Driven" in 2001
  • "Sailing the Sea of Light" in 2001
  • "Radio Caroline Calling 70's Flashback" in 2001
  • "Remasters:The Official Anthology" in 2001
  • "The Box Miniatures" in 2002
  • "The Magician's Birthday Party" in 2002
  • "Two Sides of Uriah Heep" in 2003
  • "The Ultimate Collection" in 2003
  • "Revelations:The Uriah Heep Anthology" in 2004
  • "Gold:Looking Back 1970-2001" in 2004
  • "From the Front Row...Live!" in 2004
  • "The Anthology" in 2004
  • "Best of Symfo Rock" in 2005
  • "Chapter & Verse" in 2005
  • "Between Two Worlds" in 2005
  • "Wake Up:The Singles Collection" in 2006
  • "Bird of Prey:Best of Uriah Heep" in 2006
  • "Easy Livin': Singles A's & B's" in 2006
  • "Very Best of Uriah Heep" in 2006
  • "Celebration" in 2009
  • "Live at Sweden Rock" in 2010
  • "Wizards:The Best of Uriah Heep" in 2011
  • "Live in Armenia" in 2011
  • "Official Bootleg Vol.3:Live in Kawasaki in Japan 2010" in 2011
  • "Official Bootleg" in 2011
  • "Official Bootleg Vol.4:Live From Brisbane 2011" in 2011
  • "Official Bootleg Vol.2:Live in Budapest Hungary 2010" in 2011
  • "Uriah Heep Official Bootleg:19.12.9 Gusswerk" in 2011
  • "Official Bootleg Vol.5:Live in Athens,Greece" in 2011
  • "Great British Rock" in 2011
  • "Rock Legends" in 2011
  • "Icon" in 2012



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