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Single by Soulfly featuring Corey Taylor
from the album Primitive
Released 2001
Format CD single
Recorded 1999–2000
Genre Nu metal
Length 5:11
Label Roadrunner
Writer(s) Max Cavalera, Corey Taylor
Producer(s) Toby Wright, Max Cavalera
Soulfly singles chronology
"Son Song"
"Seek 'n' Strike"
Primitive track listing
"Bring It"

"Jumpdafuckup" is a song by Soulfly, released in 2001 off of the album Primitive (2000).

Music and lyrics[edit]

The song features clunky guitar riffs, making sludge-like sound unique to songs on Primitive, as well as tribal grooves performed by drums. In addition to clunky guitar riffs, the song contains clean guitar riffs also.[1] This is a nu metal song like others on Primitive and other early Soulfly albums.

"Jumpdafuckup" features Slipknot and Stone Sour lead vocalist Corey Taylor, who helped Max Cavalera to prose the lyrics and sing co-operatively[1] about hate, rage, and pain. Hence the title, this song has vulgar lines, especially in verses where 'Motherfucker you don't understand' is said four times, alternating with 'All my hate!', 'All my rage!', then 'All my pain!'.[2][3]

The title of the song is often used as a stereotypical name for the nu metal genre, as the song and the lyrics fall under common nu metal cliché.


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