Jumping Ship

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Jumping Ship
Jumping Ship Promo Poster.jpg
Promotional advertisement
Directed by Michael Lange
Produced by Diane Gutterud
Written by Chad Hayes
Carey Hayes
Starring Joey Lawrence
Matthew Lawrence
Andy Lawrence
Music by Phil Marshall
Language English
Original channel Disney Channel
Release date August 17, 2001
Running time 90 minutes
Preceded by Horse Sense

Jumping Ship is the 2001 sequel to the Disney Channel Original Movie, Horse Sense. It stars brothers Joey Lawrence, Matthew Lawrence, and Andy Lawrence. Directed by Michael Lange.

Home Media The movie was released on DVD as an exclusive on the Disney Movie Club promotional website in early 2005.


Although Michael has matured well since the first film, he still feels that by birthright he deserves to start at the top of his father's law firm, whereas his father tells him that he will start him as a job clerking in order to learn the profession from the bottom up. Michael takes a summer vacation with Tommy to Australia. Michael has big plans to show his cousin Tommy a good time aboard a luxury yacht, until he discovers that the yacht he chartered is actually an old, rusty fishing boat. But when modern-day pirates (led by Frakes, who stole Michael's wallet and discovered his family is very rich and intends on taking Michael for a ransom) chase the fishing boat, the boys are forced to jump ship, leaving them stranded on a desert island with the boat's captain, Jake Hunter, who scuttled the fishing boat to lose the pirates, and later admits he hated being a fishing boat captain and only stuck with it because it was his late father's calling. Frakes find the boys and attempts to shoot them, but fails due to his firearm being gunked up with quicksand he had gotten trapped in earlier while stalking the boys; who then outwit the pirates by absconding in their speedboat, leaving the villains stranded. As the boys escape they call the Australian Coast Guard for help. The pirates are arrested and their speedboat is seized. During a lunch the boys have with Michael's father and Tommy's mom, Michael arrives and tells Jake and Tommy that due to asset forfeiture, Frakes's boat is now theirs and that they are going to start their own charter business owned by all 3 of them, with Jake captaining the boat. Michael also tells his father that he will return home to take his earlier job offer as a clerk in order to be apprenticed for a law career, now having realized there is no royal road to success.


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