June Covington

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June Covington
Publication information
Publisher Marvel Comics
First appearance Osborn #1 (2011)
Created by Kelly Sue DeConnick
Emma Rios
In-story information
Species Human
Team affiliations Dark Avengers
Notable aliases Toxic Doxie, Scarlet Witch
Abilities Antiseptic breath
Bones that soften to diffuse impact
Glands that distribute megadoses of Relaxin
Deliver neurotoxin via her razor sharp fingernails

June Covington is a fictional character appearing in comic books published by Marvel Comics.

Publication history[edit]

June Covington first appeared in the first issue of the 2011 Osborn limited series, and was created by Kelly Sue DeConnick and Emma Rios.

June Covington began appearing as a regular character in the Dark Avengers series, beginning with Dark Avengers #175.

Fictional character biography[edit]

June Covington started out as a post-grad student who was bored with her life working at a University and had been watching boxed DVD sets. She later met a biologist named Edward Wynne who had a birth defect on his left arm. June then decided to take up an interest in getting rid of genetic imperfections and became a scientist. After a few genetic failures and finally testing on herself, June was able to perfect her own genetics. A year later, she met Edward Wynne again and presented him with a gift. Edward rejected her gift and methods and handed her over to the police. June's lab was shut down and was thrown out of the university. Sometime later, June encountered Edward again, claiming that she had changed in order to prove herself. She lured Edward to a lab where she injected a genetic plug into him, which paralyzed his body. After inducing cranial explosive failure on 18 people during a prayer meeting for special needs children, Dr. June Covington was apprehended by the authorities. She ended up incarcerated in a secret government base somewhere underwater.[1] While June was a prisoner in the secret government base, she met fellow inmates Norman Osborn, Ai Apaec, Kingmaker III, and Carny Rives where they planned a breakout.[2] After the inmates secured an escape pod and made their way to the surface, June stayed with Norman Osborn to be his doctor.[3]

June Covington later became a member of the second incarnation of Norman Osborn's Dark Avengers where she became that group's version of Scarlet Witch.[4] In the group's first battle with the New Avengers, June managed to successfully injure Doctor Strange.[5] June and the other members of the Dark Avengers are defeated by both Avengers teams when it turns out that her teammate Skaar was the Avengers' double-agent.[6]

When the Dark Avengers are thrown into an alternate reality, June Covington and the rest of the Dark Avengers with her are disabled by the control nanites placed on them by that reality's version of Henry Pym. As he gets to work, June Covington begins to regain consciousness.[7] Having gotten control of Henry Pym, June Covington learns the history of this reality and then uses some Stark teleportation tech to remove a device from Ragnarok's brain. June Covington is seemingly able to restore John Walker's lost limbs with help from this reality's version of the Venom symbiote which had been lobotomized.[8] June Covington informs Barney Barton and Ai Apaec about the world that they are in as they watch the turf war on a nearby screen where they are unaware that the turf war was caused by this reality's Doctor Strange.[9] Covington remains with the Dark Avengers until they manage to flee the alternate reality and return home, upon which the team escapes custody and disbands.[10]

June Covington returns during the Inhumanity storyline, now sporting a new costume and no longer calling herself Scarlet Witch. She kidnaps the Terrigenesis Cocoon of one of the new Human/Inhuman hybrids, which draws the attention of Spider-Girl and the Avengers. Spider-Girl enlisted the Avengers to help her recover the Terrigenesis Cocoon because it contained Anya's social studies teacher Mr. Schlickeisen.[11] After waging a campaign against Advanced Idea Mechanics, Covington is defeated after being gagged and paralyzed by Spider-Girl.[12]

Powers and abilities[edit]

June Covington experimented on herself with her own Genetic Plug-in technology, giving her powers such as antiseptic breath, bones that soften to diffuse impact, and glands that distribute megadoses of Relaxin to allow her joints to dislocate with ease. She has a neurotoxin in her blood to which she is immune, and which she delivers using her razor-sharp fingernails. She also possesses surgically implanted gills, which allowed her to survive having her mouth and nose webbed shut by Spider-Girl.

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