Junghua Dam

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Jhonghua Dam
Taiwan JungHua Dam.JPG
View of dam in the Dahan River gorge.
Location Taoyuan County, Taiwan
Construction began 1978
Opening date 1984
Dam and spillways
Impounds Dahan River
Height 82 metres (269 ft)
Total capacity 16,700,000 cubic metres (13,500 acre·ft)
Power station
Installed capacity 40 MW
Annual generation 200 million KWh

Junghua Dam, also spelled Ronghua Dam, (Chinese: 榮華大壩; pinyin: Rónghuá Dàbà; Wade–Giles: Jung2-hua2 Ta4-pa4) is a dam crossing the Dahan River, a tributary to the Tamsui River, in Fuxing Township, Taoyuan County, Taiwan.[1]

The dam was started in December 1978 and finished in June 1984.[2] The cost was NT$1.83 billion. The Junghua Dam is within the catchment area of the Shihmen Reservoir, 27 kilometers upstream of the Shihmen Dam in the Dahan River gorge.[2] The dam's main function is to prevent sand from moving downstream and building up as silt in the Shimen Reservoir. It also serves as a diversion point for sending water to a 40,000 kilowatt hydroelectric plant located 6 kilometres (3.7 mi) downstream.

The dam has almost no effective storage capacity, as almost its entire reservoir has been filled by sediment.

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