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Jungiery Entertainment (Chinese: 喬傑立娛樂; pinyin: Qiao Jie Li) is an entertainment management company in Taiwan. It is affiliated with Sanlih E-Television (SETTV) and their artists primarily appear on SETTV's talk shows and entertainment programs as hosts. The head manager is Sun De Rong (aka Sun Zhong). They are active in Taiwan, especially for their appearances in successful television dramas and singing and album releases.


Basically Mr Sun is modelling Jungiery after the Japanese Johnny's Jimusho.

The main manager Sun De Rong (also known as Sun Zhong) first created 5566 (21 January 2002). Alongside with them, there are individuals like Ming Dao, Qiao En, Cyndi Wang, Hong Qiao. 2 years later R&B was born (now obviously they have disbanded). From then on, with all the success they have, they started to create more and more groups, like 7 Flowers, 183 Club. The individuals are put into groups as well. Sun Zhong took K-One over his side. And Toro moved to Jungiery after he quit Energy and now in a group called Typhoon.

Record companies, that worked together with Jungiery are Avex Trax and Warner Music.

Artist and Groups[edit]

Them together are called J-Star.



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