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Jungle Girl is a fictional comic book character (possibly based on the Hanna-Barbera cartoon Jana of the Jungle) that appears in books published by Dynamite Entertainment. Jungle Girl ran for two miniseries of 5 issues each.


Jungle Girl's real name is Jana Sky-Born, a young woman who has been living on an island in the jungle for most of (if not all) of her life. It is still unknown if Jana's parents gave birth to her and left her on the island, or she was on a ship and soon was stranded on the island. The exact location of the island is not specified. The jungle is populated by dinosaurs, prehistoric beasts, and cavemen.

Jana's peaceful life is interrupted, when a plane carrying a group of adventurers (some of them being drug smugglers) crash-lands in her jungle. After saving the adventurers from a native tribe, she has decided to keep them safe until another plane comes to rescue them.


While Jana has no superhuman powers, she does have several abilities that have helped her survive in the jungle. She's a strong fighter, a skilled acrobat, and a skilled hunter and tracker. Jana is familiar with most of the plant and animal species in the jungle and is fully aware of what they can do. According to the adventurers, she also has amazing reflexes.

Jana carries several weapons with her at all times, such as her spear, her hunting knife, and a vine rope.

Jana also seems to be able to communicate with several of the animals in the jungle, including the woolly mammoth, which she rides in order to fight a finback.[1]

Also, Jungle Girl is familiar with the jungle as some parts of it has hidden compartments to store her back-up jungle bikinis (whether if they are fur jungle bikinis or leather jungle bikinis) in the event that the one she is wearing ends up ripped in battle or if she is rendered naked in battle.

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