Junior Boy's Own

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Junior Boy's Own
Founded 1992
Founder Terry Farley, Steven Hall
Genre Electronic
Country of origin United Kingdom
Location London

Junior boys own is a dance/electronic records label owned by steven hall and terry farley. started in 1992 in ladbroke grove ,west london junior boys own grew out of the boys own collective (including andrew weatherall,cymon eckels,pete heller,steven hall and terry farley) a group of club promoters,fanzine publishers,dj's,record producers from the west london suburbs. the label was preceded by boys own productions which released music by onedove,denim,jah wobble,less stress amongst many others. junior boys own enjoyed both underground and commercial success through the 90's in the uk and the rest of the world with acts such as the chemical bothers,underworld,xpress 2,the black science orchestra,heller & farley,fire island,pete hellers big love and many more.

the label stopped releasing in 2003 and junior boys own now operates mainly as a management/a/r consultancy looking after underworld,farley & heller and other dance music producers and dj's.

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