Junior League World Series (softball)

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For the baseball world series, see Junior League World Series.

The Junior League Softball World Series is a softball tournament for girls aged between 13 and 14. The tournament is administered by Little League Baseball, Inc. and is held annually in the Seattle suburb of Kirkland, Washington.

Tournament format[edit]

The tournament started in 1999, and is a true "World Series" since ten regions from around the world send in teams:

The ten teams are divided into two pools of five members each. The two best teams from each pool then advance to the semi-finals. The winners in the semi-finals play for the championship. All matches are single-elimination games. The losing teams face off in classification games for third through tenth place.

List of champions[edit]

Champions per year[edit]

Year Winner Score Runner-Up
1999 Texas
Woodway-Hewitt, Texas
2000 Florida
Naples, Florida
2001 Florida
Naples, Florida
2002 Netherlands
Utrecht, Netherlands
5-3 Florida
Tampa Bay, Florida
2003 Philippines
Bacolod, Philippines
2-0 Puerto Rico
Manuabo, Puerto Rico
2004 Indiana
South Bend, Indiana
10-1 Texas
Giddings, Texas
2005 Florida
Lake Wales, Florida
4-0 Texas
La Grange, Texas
2006 Florida
Naples, Florida
8-0 Philippines
Bacolod, Philippines
2007 Puerto Rico
Maunabo, Puerto Rico
16-6 California
Westchester-Del Rey, California
2008 Arizona
Oro Valley, Arizona
10-4 Puerto Rico
Maunabo, Puerto Rico
2009 Puerto Rico
Maunabo, Puerto Rico
2-1 Ohio
Elyria, Ohio
2010 Puerto Rico
Maunabo, Puerto Rico
4-3 Florida
Tampa, Florida
2011 Michigan
Croswell, Michigan
10-0 Florida
Tampa, Florida
2012 Alaska
Anchorage, Alaska
6-2 Canada
Victoria, Canada
2013 Florida
Tampa, Florida
10-1 Washington (state)
Kirkland, Washington

Championships per location[edit]

Flag Winner Total Years
Florida Naples, Florida 3 2000, 2001, 2006
Puerto Rico Maunabo, Puerto Rico 3 2007, 2009, 2010
Florida Tampa, Florida 1 2013
Alaska Anchorage, Alaska 1 2012
Michigan Croswell, Michigan 1 2011
Arizona Oro Valley, Arizona 1 2008
Florida Lake Wales, Florida 1 2005
Indiana South Bend, Indiana 1 2004
Philippines Bacolod, Philippines 1 2003
Netherlands Utrecht, Netherlands 1 2002
Texas Woodway-Hewitt, Texas 1 1999