Juno Ju-X

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Type Private
Genre Electronic musical instrument, Software development
Founded 2003
Founder(s) Juno Ju-X


United States of America
Area served Worldwide
Website http://ju-x.com/

Ju-X LLC was created in April 2003 by Juno Ju-X, who is a product design engineer originally from Osaka, Japan. Juno and his company are currently based in California where they offer many services dealing in music and sound creation software.


When Ju-X began, it primarily dealt in repairing rare electronics and electronic musical instrument. The company has came a good distance since its early beginnings. In fact, Ju-X has grown through the years to offer even more services. For example, in 2006, the company began offering services to digitally modify music sequencers and drum machines. Then, in 2008, they made a move towards the software industry. However, it was not until 2011 when Ju-X's first app project for Mac launched. The program is called Sequera and it is a professional music sequencer, designed for the next generation.



Sequera is a stand-alone software step sequencer for Mac OS X. This program is focused on allowing users the flexibility to use unique approaches when experimenting with MIDI composition. It allows you to work on MIDI sequences very fast, and rather than completing a song entirely, instead it focuses on a short length composition with various approaches or a single instrument.


accuLAG is a MIDI beat clock generator software that equips micro-timing feature. This software should be used in conjunction with a sequencer that can receive and sync with the incoming MIDI beat clock. This is a neat tool for helping professionals who want to achieve perfect and accurate timing control.

MidiPLY and MidiBUG[edit]

midiPLY is an exclusive Mac App that is unique, as it allows users real-time performance modifications on the MIDI. On the other hand, midiBUG is the first of its kind as it will allow users to bug MIDI streams, right from their Mac. These two apps have nearly identical look and released in series.