Junpei Takiguchi

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Junpei Takiguchi
Born Kōhei Takiguchi
Occupation Seiyū, narrator
Years active 1950-2011

Kōhei Takiguchi (滝口 幸平 Takiguchi Kōhei?), better known as Junpei Takiguchi (滝口 順平 Takiguchi Junpei?) (April 17, 1931 - ) is a Japanese seiyū and narrator from Chiba Prefecture.

Besides his many narration and dubbing roles, he is also known for his roles in Time Bokan (as Pera), Yatterman (as Dokurobee), Mazinger Z (as Burokken), Tekkaman: The Space Knight (as Ranbos) and for his narration roles in Burari Tochūgesha no Tabi and Pittankokan Kan.

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