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JuntoBox Films is an American privately funded independent film production company that funds micro-budget films. Based in Santa Monica, CA, the social media-centric studio was founded by writer/director Philippe Caland “on the principle that everyone has a story to tell, and we passionately seek those innovative voices.”[1] It officially debuted at the 2012 South by Southwest festival, where they also announced actor Forest Whitaker as co-chair.[2] Through social collaboration and crowdsourcing the filmmaking process, JuntoBox Films gives independent filmmakers the opportunity for their films to be financed, produced and distributed, with support and mentorship from industry professionals, including Forest Whitaker. The name was inspired by the Junto club, founded In 1727 by a young Benjamin Franklin.


Focusing on films with budgets between $200,000 and $2.5 million, the studio finds projects from within their platform, which is free and open to anyone around the world.[3]

How to Junto[edit]

Any user can create a project page with title, synopsis and logline and start attracting followers, which is necessary to advance up the five levels.[4] For a project to be considered for greenlight, a script (which can be made available just to the development team) must be included. JuntoBox Films has greenlit four films in 2012.[1][3]

The five levels are:

  1. Create a project with a title, and a synopsis or logline.
  2. Add video, images or a storyboard and get 10 followers for your project.
  3. Upload the script and reach 30 followers.
  4. Reach a total of 60 followers. Film Options start at Level 4.
  5. Optioned films are reviewed and chosen by JuntoBox Films for greenlight.


  • Forest Whitaker - Co-Chairman and Filmmaker
  • Philippe Caland - Founder/Chairman/Filmmaker


Greenlit films[edit]

Since the official debut at the 2012 South by Southwest festival, four projects have been greenlighted in the following order:


Greenlit in June 2012, Sacrifice is a story about four teenage boys from a small Texas town as they come face to face with their own conscience after a tragic accident leaves them questioning their decisions.[6] Sacrifice was written and directed by Michael Cohn and is JuntoBox Films' first feature film. In May 2013, the company announced that Dermot Mulroney joined the production. Filming took place in the Houston area in June 2013. It will be released in theaters in 2014. [7]

Sharon 1.2.3.[edit]

Greenlit in November 2012, Sharon 1.2.3. (formerly titled Sharon is Caring) is a story about a New Yorker living the dream of having casual sex with two women named Sharon, but the dream gets too real when he meets a third Sharon. The story is written by Wesley Mills, and is directed by Mark Brown.[8]

The Driver[edit]

Greenlit in June 2013, The Driver is a story about a struggling boxer who agrees to be the driver for a heist. When things go horribly wrong, he finds himself with a dead partner and a duffle bag of cash. With no one else to account for the take, he keeps half for himself, but is soon busted by his employer, who gives him a choice: kill or be killed. The story is written by George Richards.[9]

Indiegogo partnership[edit]

In November 2012, they announced a partnership with Indiegogo, allowing filmmakers who are looking for crowd funding to also be in the running for funding from JuntoBox Films, while allowing those who are greenlit to gather additional funds for their film.[10]

The company is also expanding its mentorship programme.[11]


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