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Juphoon System Software is an international company which provides IMS solutions and services.[1] The core team was established in Shenzhen in 2004 and it was officially established in Ningbo, China in 2005. Juphoon System Software has done long time research in the field of IMS applications and VoIP products. They are trying to introduce the high-quality commercial SIP Stack and other protocols (HTTP, XML, Sigcomp, etc.)[2] to international communication enterprises.

Juphoon System Software opens the source code of IP phone online for people to test and learn.[3] They also provide reference phone for people to do test and development on hardware phone.[4][5][6]

In 2010, Juphoon System Software provided IMS MMTel and Rich Communication Suite solution.In 2011, Juphoon provided Rich Communication Suite solution-enhanced(RCS-e) solution. In 2012, Juphoon provided professional Voice and Video engine solution.

Juphoon System Software can provide softphone SDK on PC (Windows, Mac, Linux ) and Mobile (iOS|[iPhone]iPad, Android, Symbian and Brew). It is reported that they have the plan to develop UI on their products in 2011.

Juphoon said that combining Social Network Service with Mobile Softphone is an important trend of RCS. It is reported that Juphoon will release Android PoC Client and iPhone PoC client in 2011.[7] It has done IOT with many PoC servers, especially the OMA[disambiguation needed] server. Juphoon has cooperation with Azetti.[8] Juphoon can provide customer PoC client and Azetti can provide PoC server.


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