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Jupiter Entertainment
Type Private
Industry Television production
Founded 1996 (1996)
Founders Stephen Land
Headquarters Knoxville; New York City; Los Angeles
Area served Worldwide
Owners Stephen Land
Website www.jupiterent.com

Jupiter Entertainment (also known as Jupiter) is a television production company based in the United States (US) that, as of July 2012, is actively engaged in creating and producing television programs for American cable networks. Based in Knoxville, Tennessee, Jupiter Entertainment was established in 1996 by Stephen Land.[1] Jupiter Entertainment has a track record of creating television series that have received high ratings and network renewals, including the docusoap Sons of Guns, the true crime series Snapped, and other established series such as Biography and Modern Marvels. Jupiter has produced a wide variety of genres and formats. Key elements of these shows focus on storytelling, compelling characters, and high production values.

Over the past sixteen years, Jupiter has produced hit prime-time series and specials for Discovery, The Biography Channel, History, Animal Planet, TruTV, A&E, Oxygen (TV channel), Investigation Discovery, and Fuse. Members of Jupiter’s creative team have also produced kid’s programming for Nickelodeon, daytime how-to shows for HGTV, a music-based series for TNN, and a sports entertainment property for CBS Cable–the re-launch of the American classic, Roller Derby. Jupiter's production credits include documentaries, reality series, true crime, and travel series.


Established in 1996 by Stephen Land in an effort to pursue his passion for film, Jupiter Entertainment was created as a boutique-style production house where diverse formats and genres could be explored. After working with larger production companies, including Cinetel Productions and Scripps Howard, Land wanted a more concentrated environment where creativity could flourish. Jupiter first opened in Knoxville’s historic warehouse district. Among Land’s first projects and Jupiter’s first hit series was City Confidential.


Jupiter opened an office in Los Angeles.[2]


In addition to expanding its Knoxville headquarters[2] and continuing operations at its Los Angeles office, in July 2012, the company opened its third office location in New York.[3] In 2012, Jupiter also began working on projects with the Weinstein Co. and Brian Graden Media, a company owned by a former MTV Networks Music Channels executive.[2]


In 2008, Zak Weisfeld was promoted to senior vice president, Robert Twilley was promoted to vice president and general manager, and Deborah Dawkins was named vice president of programming.[4]

List of shows produced[edit]

Jupiter has produced multiple prime-time series and specials for A&E, History Channel, Oxygen, CourtTV, CurrentTV, National Geographic, TruTV, Lifetime, Fuse, Discovery Channel, and Animal Planet.

Sons of Guns showcases one of America's most skilled and creative gun works, Red Jacket Firearms, and its founder, Will Hayden. While pursuing its bread-and-butter work with customizing and improving AK-47's, the Baton Rouge-based team delves into the world of historic and classic weapons.
Oxygen’s true crime series examines the fascinating cases of women accused of murder. Now in its eighth season, Snapped is one of Oxygen's highest-rated original series.
Football becomes an oasis of hope in the epicenter of despair—for the players of Long Beach Poly the stakes are higher than winning trophies. Here, football is the golden ticket—the avenue to a better life.
Homicide investigation series focusing on the cases of prolific homicide detective, Lt. Joe Kenda of the Colorado Springs Police Department.
This suspenseful new series explores how a crime alters the community in which it occurs, and reveals how the people and place are irrevocably changed by the terrible events of the story.
The longest-running, single-topic documentary series on television, Biography profiles important and interesting people with depth, detail, and historical accuracy.
Vanished is a gripping, true-life series that delves into the harrowing stories of families who have been victimized by mysterious abductions and unspeakable crimes. Hosted by Beth Holloway—mother of Natalee Holloway—the show explores first hand every parent's worst nightmare.<
Two American martial arts adventurers, Bill Duff and Jason Chambers, go on a quest to seek out and train under the master of each martial art in the world.
How Stuff Works is about the stuff that makes the world go ‘round. See the ingenious lengths people go to in order to extract rubber and iron, corn and wheat, and water and salt from the earth. Equally amazing is the number of different and varied products that can be derived from something so fundamental. Follow the incredible journey of these goods from the ground to your table, car, closet, medicine cabinet, and other places you may have never imagined.
This History Channel series takes viewers on location and back in time to see how iconic American products were/are made.
This popular series celebrates the ingenuity, invention, and imagination brought to life on a grand scale through the stories of men and women who have created everyday items, technological breakthroughs, and man-made wonders.
A crime series with a twist, City Confidential takes viewers across America to places they "think" they know—only to reveal the dark underbelly of the most ordinary locations. Stylish voice-over, lush photography, and quirky interviews bring to life dramatic stories of how a single crime forever changed a community. Narrated by Paul Winfield.
Mansions, Monuments, and Masterpieces goes inside the gilded gates and behind the silk curtains of exclusive haunts to see where and how America's leading families lived and played. Their grand estates, the incredible resorts, posh clubs, and private sanctuaries—both past and present—are featured.
Viewers are able to explore America's greatest homes and a voyeuristic peek at the incredible lifestyles of the men and women who lived there.
Professional football great Terry Bradshaw takes viewers across the country to explore the fascinating characters involved in some of America's more peculiar sporting events.
Hard hitting, larger-than-life characters play out a weekly soap opera on the banked roller derby track.
This long running series first brought country dancing to the masses. The highly rated series spawned a fan club, a home video series, and a paid newsletter to more than 30,000 subscribers.
Sitcom following the lives of youth who take summer jobs at the Bar-None dude ranch.
Each week, celebrated author Dominick Dunne goes inside the world of the rich and famous to reveal a sinister side of high society.
This pulse-pounding competition documentary series looks at the outrageous contraptions men and women love to create, build, and race.
This special takes a fascinating look at the world's smallest nation and includes access to areas off-limits to the public and candid interviews with Vatican insiders. Hosted by Mike Farrell.
This reality show pits twelve animal experts against each other as they compete for the opportunity to host their own Animal Planet TV special.
Big jobs and big tools are the focus of this high-tech, high-definition series. Each episode of this manly documentary features a wide variety of super-sized machines used to tackle the world's toughest jobs.
When faced with an unsolved crime, these everyday women took matters into their own hands, putting their lives in danger to solve a mystery and see a criminal brought to justice.
John Dillinger, Machine Gun Kelly, Bonnie and Clyde...As some of the country’s most notorious criminals, they were responsible for an historic crime spree that included hundreds of bank robberies, kidnappings, and murders. Though the havoc they wreaked across America lasted just eighteen months, it resulted in the rise of the FBI and the nation’s first “war on crime.”
From riverboat gambling to the tales of Mark Twain, this four-part special celebrates the history, culture, and romance of the "Father of Waters". Hosted by Hal Holbrook.
This dramatic series features stories of heroic women who stop at nothing in their pursuit of justice.
Sex, drugs, and rock & roll can be a deadly mix, but if you can live through it, the rewards are unlimited. This series explores near-death experiences of some of the greatest rock, pop, and rap stars of all time.
In conjunction with KPI productions
Each week, celebrated author Dominick Dunne goes inside the world of the rich and famous to reveal a sinister side of high-society.[1]

In development[edit]

As of July 2012, Jupiter Entertainment's New York office is responsible for the development and production of a series entitled Homicide Hunters,[26] for the Investigation Discovery channel, and a program for the National Geographic Channel that is yet to be named.[3]


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