Jupiter Moon

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Jupiter Moon
Genre Science fiction soap opera
Created by William Smethurst
Starring Jason Durr
Lucy Benjamin
Anna Chancellor
Country of origin UK
Original language(s) English, Spanish, Latin, German
No. of episodes 150
Running time 30 min. approx (24 min. approx excluding ad break)
Original channel Galaxy Channel
Original run 27 March 1990 – 30 November 1990

Jupiter Moon was a science fiction television series first broadcast by British Satellite Broadcasting's Galaxy Channel from 26 March 1990 until December the same year. 150 episodes were commissioned, but only the first 108 were broadcast by BSB. It was commissioned to fulfill the perceived need for a soap opera in BSB's line-up and, as such, it was shown three times a week (on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays), with an omnibus edition at weekends. The series was curtailed owing to the merger between BSB and Sky Television plc and the subsequent cessation of the Galaxy Channel, although the later episodes were eventually shown in the UK on the Sci Fi Channel between 22 January and 19 February 1996. The soap was screened on GBC TV (Gibraltar television) ahead of its premiere on BSB's own Galaxy channel. The soap was seen in the British Overseas Territory every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday at 7.30 pm, having taken the slot formerly occupied by Eastenders which had become too expensive for GBC TV.


The series was set in the year 2050 and concentrates on the space ship Ilea in semi-permanent orbit above the space city Callisto. The Ilea was home to a university and many of the programme's main plot strands revolved around the lives of the students, helping the programme to deal with more down-to-earth issues despite its unearthly setting. A secondary plot dealt with an attempt to travel to the stars known as the Daedalus Project.

The series was created and produced by William Smethurst, a former long standing editor of British radio soap The Archers, and was recorded at the studios of Central Television in Birmingham.

Actors included Lucy Benjamin, Anna Chancellor, Jason Durr, Fay Masterson, Nick Moran, Peter Polycarpou, and Fiona Sinnott

Name derivations[edit]

The space station Ilea was named after the then-recently abolished Inner London Education Authority.[1]

The character Phillipe Gervais was named after associate producer Jane Fallon's partner Ricky Gervais.[2]

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