Jupiter Reef

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Jupiter Reef
Wachusett Bank.png
Jupiter Breakers on 1921 Pacific map
Type Phantom island
Notable locations Pacific Ocean
Jupiter Reef is located in Pacific Ocean
Jupiter Reef
Jupiter Reef
Alleged location of Jupiter Reef in the Pacific Ocean

Jupiter Reef or Jupiter Breakers is a supposed reef in the South Pacific (south of French Tuamotu islands and east of New Zealand); it appears to be a phantom reef.

Mr. Kinge, commanding the German barque Jupiter on a voyage between Newcastle, New South Wales and Tahiti, reported having passed breakers during the night of December 3rd, 1878, in 36°37′S 150°15′W / 36.617°S 150.250°W / -36.617; -150.250. The breakers were observed in two places, each of which had a diameter of about 30 yards, and appeared to be a quarter of a mile apart. No further intelligence has been obtained regarding this shoal.[1]

Other nearby historically reported reefs which appear not to exist include Maria Theresa Reef, Ernest Legouve Reef, and Wachusett Reef.

 This article incorporates text from Pacific Islands, v. 3, a publication from 1900 now in the public domain in the United States.


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